Interview: Mani’s Sophie Ferguson

Mani is the latest Brat YouTube show that’s been blowing up social media.  Its star-studded cast of youngsters includes social media celebrities Piper RockelleHayley LeBlancMariam Star, Coco Quinn, and Txunamy.

Left to Right: Mani stars Txunamy, Hayley LeBlanc, Mariam Star, and Piper Rockelle.  Image: Txunamy

As Mani premieres its second season, Everly Mag got the chance to interview one of its newest cast members: Sophie Ferguson (Goth Girl).

Everly Mag: How did you get the part on Mani?

Sophie: I was background and it was my second time ever on a set. Mitch, the director, and Lawrence, who plays Mani, asked me to read a small part.  After that, they both loved the performance, and Lawrence kept writing me in.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.51.57 PM
Sophie Ferguson plays the part of Goth Girl on Mani.  Image: Sophie Ferguson

Everly Mag: How many days did you spend on set?

Sophie: We just finished Season 2 and I spent 7 days on set.

Everly Mag: What was the best part of being on the Mani set?  Any tips for being on set?

Sophie: The best part was all the new friends I’ve made.  The Mani set is a lot of fun.  A tip is to learn everyone’s name that you work with.  People are always grateful when you remember their name!

Everly Mag: What was the hardest part of being on the Mani set?

Sophie: The hardest part was getting off the Goth Girl makeup when I got home!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.20.08 PM
Sophie (top left) with the cast of Mani during a day of filming.  Image: Sophie Ferguson

Everly Mag: Who is your inspiration for your acting career?

Sophie: My mom’s friend Jen Marie Baker said I should try background work and helped me sign up.  As far as my favorite actress, I love Christina Ricci.

Everly Mag: What advice would you give to young people who want to act?

Sophie: Never stop trying.

Check out Sophie on Instagram and in Season 2 of Mani.

Sophie’s interview was conducted over email in January 2018.  The interview was parent-facilitated and edited for spelling and grammar only.

Feature Image Credit: Brat
Feature Image Credit: @eyezwithoutaface 


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