6 Girl-Powered Songs to Get You Through January

There’s nothing like a great song to get you through those cold January days.

Everly Mag put together a list of 6 girl-powered songs that will keep you dancing enough to stay warm through the whole winter.

1. “Photograph” by Annie LeBlanc

Why We Love It: The song, originally featured on the show Chicken Girls, is catchy and breezy, and LeBlanc’s voice is relaxing and easy to listen to.  Photograph can be a relaxed jam through headphones, or the soundtrack to an all-out dance party.  The video includes adorable home video footage of Annie throughout her younger years.

Favorite Lyrics: For what it’s worth / I hope we could be more / We are a thousand words / That’s our current score

2. “So Much More Than This” by Grace Van der Waal

Why We Love It: Grace is a brilliant singer-songwriter whose star power was noticed by the world on America’s Got Talent.  In this song, Grace takes her simple style and relatable lyrics to a new level.  The song promotes a positive message – to love yourself, no matter what other people say – which is important in a world of social media fame and online bullying.  Not to mention that the song is perfect for jamming out, singing at the top of your lungs, and just being yourself.

Favorite Lyrics: We don’t realize in this society / Doesn’t matter how your hair looks or what they are thinking / Just, just what we are finding

3. “Smoke in My Eyes” by Indiana Massara

Why We Love It: With her rockin’ vocals, confident stage presence, and authentic style, Indiana is poised to be the next big thing.  The lyrics are powerful and assertive, and the music video is gorgeous with a top-notch aesthetic.  Indiana, who can be spotted on the Brat YouTube show Chicken Girls, is clearly ready to become a star with this first hit.

Favorite Lyrics: But I kinda like it / ‘Cause I’m doing better and you’re not invited / I wasn’t even tryin’ / Ya got a quick look and you’re so excited

4. “Keep It Lit” by Tegan Marie

Why We Love It: This relaxed country love song is sure to keep you thinking of summer during these wintry days.  Tegan has a sweet and pleasing voice that perfectly matches the vibe of the song.  The music video is full of campfire countryside scenes, which will keep you feeling cozy all through the cold winter days.

Favorite Lyrics: One small spark can turn into a flame / Brighter than the blue moon / Sitting here beside you

5. “Breathe” by Mackenzie Ziegler

Why We Love It: Mackenzie‘s been a rising star since her Dance Moms days, but this single takes her singing and performance talent to the next level.  The lyrics are all about living in the moment and being yourself – a perfect message for young girls and anyone else struggling to find their image.  Mackenzie shows her vocal range throughout the song, and it’s a jam to sing out loud, feeling entirely confident with who you are.

Favorite Lyrics: ‘Cause you only got the moment to own it while you’re alive / Taking it all in one blink at a time / Just let it be and you will see / Everything will align

6. “Tomorrow Starts Today (Andi Mack Theme Song)” by Sabrina Carpenter

Why We Love It: The song, performed by Sabrina Carpenter, is the theme to the Disney Channel series Andi Mack.  Along with its catchy beat and top-notch vocals, it’s all about being ready for whatever life brings, which is a positive message.  It’s also the perfect song to wake up to in the mornings, so set your alarm to this jam for those cold January school days.

Favorite Lyrics: I’m looking straight ahead into the unknown / I’m not afraid / This ride has just begun / I’ll take the highs and lows / So bring it on

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