Interview: Teen Fashion Blogger Vandy Jaidenn

Vandy Jaidenn is a teen fashion blogger and style icon for the Instagram generation.  At just 13 years old, she’s found herself with over 100K followers on the photo-sharing platform.

Vandy‘s eye-catching aesthetic, high-quality photographs, and unique fashion looks have captivated her followers each day.  When Vandy’s not busy on Instagram, she’s spent her time contributing to the YouTube collaboration style channel We’re So Fancy, modeling for brands like Sally Miller, and enjoying her days as a regular teen.

Everly Mag chatted with Vandy about her style inspiration, career goals, advice on improving your Instagram feed, and more.

Everly Mag: How did you get your start on social media?

Vandy: I started social media when I was in fifth grade, mainly doing OOTDs [outfit of the day] and fashion-type stuff.

Everly Mag: How would you define your style?  Who inspires your style?

Vandy: I would define my style as trendy, always comfortable and never over the top.  I do like to mix things up, though.  I always love a good vintage, boho-ish look, or to be semi-dressy here and there.  I get a lot of inspiration from other fashion bloggers.

Vandy Jaidenn, 13, wants to be in the next generation of top fashion bloggers.  Image: Vandy Jaidenn

Everly Mag: What do you want to do with your career in the next 5 years?

Vandy: I want to become a fashion blogger and merge into travel blogging as well.  I want to be at the top of the next generation of fashion bloggers.  Like Tash Oakley, Camila Coehlo, and Sincerely Jules.

Everly Mag: What do you look for in a friend?  What kinds of things do you like to do with your friends?

Vandy: I look for friends that are truly genuine people, that have the same values as me and push me to do better.  I like to laugh and create memories with my friends, and be social with other people and just have a good time.

Everly Mag: What’s the best thing about having a lot of followers on social media?  What’s the most difficult thing?

Vandy: The best thing about [having a lot of followers] is knowing that I can impact and inspire a lot of people at one time.  It is also a lot of responsibility, because you have to think of your followers and you want to create pictures, style, and content that they would like.

Vandy’s Instagram feed has over 100,000 followers.  Image: Vandy Jaidenn

Everly Mag: What’s your advice for young teens struggling to find their personal style?

Vandy: I think you find your personal style by trying new things.  It’s okay to be inspired to wear something you wouldn’t normally wear.  My advice is: Try it!  It’s during that process that you discover your own style.

Everly Mag: Have you ever had an experience with bullying?  What should teens and tweens do to stand up to bullying?

Vandy: Yes, I have been bullied and I have witnessed it, especially through social media.  There is no purpose for bullying – the reason people bully is probably because they are jealous of you.  If you ever do get bullied, don’t be afraid to speak up.  Almost everyone is here for you.  Being bullied is an awful experience, and I think it kind of taught me a lesson on why it’s so important to be kind to others because it could really affect someone, especially with your words.  We need to stand up for ourselves and be confident.

Everly Mag: What are your favorite brands for clothing and makeup?

Vandy: My favorite brand of clothing is Brandy Melville, because it’s very simple but trendy.  I’m also obsessed with how their stores are decorated.  So simple, but aesthetically pleasing.  If I’m being honest, I don’t have a favorite type of makeup.  Any type works for me.  I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis.

Vandy shows her followers an all-natural look.  Image: Vandy Jaidenn

Everly Mag: What makes you feel confident?

Vandy: My supporters.  Their comments and DMs always make me feel confident.

Everly Mag: Tell us something about you that you want people to know.

Vandy: I actually love school.  I have always liked school, since I was in first grade.  I just find it less boring to walk around and talk to people than just sit at home, you know?

Everly Mag: What’s your advice to teens and tweens looking to improve their Instagram feed?

Vandy: Being consistent is key.  My mom is a professional photographer, which helps me.  Finding ways to separate your pictures from others you see on Instagram is the goal.  Sometimes it’s as little as changing the angle of what you’re shooting.  I also love to share detail – either pictures of my outfit, or a detail of whatever I’m experiencing.  Make your audience feel like, in a way, they are there with you.

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Feature Image Credit: Vandy Jaidenn


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