Interview: Just Add Magic’s Olivia Sanabia

Olivia Sanabia is an actress, singer, and role model for kids everywhere.

The 14-year-old performer has enchanted audiences in her starring role as Kelly Quinn in the Amazon Studios series Just Add Magic.  You can also spot Olivia in earlier guest spots on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn, and singing covers on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

When Olivia’s not performing, she’s using her platform to spread kindness and positivity to others.  On Olivia’s Instagram, you can spot her running her first half-marathon, raising awareness at her Cookies for Kids Cancer Bake Sale, and encouraging her followers to take risks by posting her own singing videos.

Everly Mag got the chance to talk to Olivia about Just Add Magic, what’s next for her career, and more.

Everly Mag: When did you discover your love of singing and acting?

Olivia: I have been singing since I was two years old, basically just performing for anyone who would listen.  I discovered my love for acting when I got into musical theater when I was six.  I loved being able to perform for people, and musical theater really allowed me to do that.

Everly Mag: What was your first professional acting job?


Olivia: My first professional job was a print ad with Jennifer Garner!  I remember falling in love with being on set.  From that point on, I knew [acting] was what I wanted to do.

Olivia (Center) with Aubrey Miller and Abby Donnelly in Just Add Magic.  Image: Amazon Studios

Everly Mag: Tell us about your character Kelly Quinn from Just Add Magic.  What is Kelly like?  How are you and Kelly similar?

Olivia: Kelly is very kindhearted and courageous.  She feels as though her duty is to fix everything, whether it’s [with] the magic or with relationships with her friends and family.  I love that she wants to take on so much responsibility, but it does take a toll on her eventually.  She is a leader in all aspects of her life.  I think Kelly and I are similar in the way that we are both very passionate.

Everly Mag: What is your favorite thing about acting on Just Add Magic?

Olivia: My favorite thing about being a part of Just Add Magic is that families can enjoy this show together.  I am also proud to be on this show because of how it inspires kids to learn to cook and shows them great family and friend relationships.

Everly Mag: Tell us about a typical day on set.

Olivia: A typical day on set is crazy and jam-packed with scenes from several different episodes.  We film a couple different episodes at one time, so we have to try and remember where we are in the storyline and that can sometimes be tricky.

Everly Mag: What has been your favorite acting project so far?

Olivia: My favorite project so far has been Just Add Magic because it was my first time working for such a long time on the same project.  It really gave me an understanding of what it is like to work long hours, so now I can appreciate and understand the behind-the-scenes hard work that isn’t shown on a film or TV show.

Everly Mag: Who is your dream co-star?

Olivia: I would love to work with Tom Hanks one day!!! He is incredible and i have always admired his acting ability.  I would also love to work with Emma Watson and Ginnifer Goodwin!

Everly Mag: Besides acting, you also have a passion for singing.  What do you hope to do with singing going forward? What type of music do you like to sing and who is your dream duet partner?

Olivia: I love to sing from all different genres.  I have original songs that I’ve been working on and I can’t wait for you guys to hear.  I also love performing covers on my YouTube channel!  I would love to be able to be on Broadway one day.  I also hope to record an album and inspire others through [my music].  One of my dream duet partners would be Michael Bublé.

Everly Mag: Tell us 3 fun facts our readers should know about you.

Olivia: I can sing with my mouth closed, I love to bake, and I love children.

Everly Mag: Who are the most important people in your life?

Olivia: My five family members.  They love me unconditionally and help me to remember what is truly important.

Everly Mag: Who inspires you in your career?  What are your hopes for the future?

Olivia: I get inspired from many different careers that I [look] up to and admire.  I am excited to create my own path, but I love the careers of Hailee Steinfeld and Selena Gomez.  I love that those ladies can be successful in both singing and acting.

I know what my next project is and I am very excited about it.  I can’t share what it is yet, but I think you guys are going to like it.  I hope that in my career, I can venture into the feature film world and be able to explore dramas and movie musicals.

Everly Mag: What’s one more thing you want your fans to know?

Olivia: I want to thank you all for your support and kindness.  It means so much to me!

You can find more Olivia Sanabia on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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