Interview: Actress and Singer Ruby Jay

At just 13 years old, teen actress and singer Ruby Jay has already started on her path to stardom.  With over 500,000 Instagram followers tuning in to see her model, act, sing, and hang out with her friends, Ruby’s used her platform to spread a message of kindness and positivity.

With a fashion-forward, be-yourself style and a glowing smile, Ruby’s enchanted her tween fans.  Now, she’s ready to bring even more Ruby to her followers, through singing videos and covers on her YouTube channel, along with her continued kindness to her friends, family, and fans near and far.

Ruby Jay, 13.  Image: Deidhra Fahey

Everly Mag talked to Ruby Jay about her singing career, who inspires her, what makes her happy, and how she stays so positive on social media.

Everly Mag: How did you get your start with acting and singing?  How did you know you wanted to be in the professional industry?

Ruby: I started acting and singing when I was around five years old.  I started [out] in musical theater.  Ever since I saw Beyoncé doing the Single Ladies dance video on TV, I was like “I WANNA DO THAAAT!”  When I was 10, my mom and dad finally agreed to put me in the industry and I absolutely loved it, so I continued!

Everly Mag: What are the top 5 things that make you happy?  Who are the top 5 people who make you happy?

Ruby: The top 5 things that make me happy are singing, acting, dancing, crocheting, and roller coasters.  The top 5 people that make me happy are my mom, dad, sister Pearl, BFF Alyssa, and my dog Goofy.

Everly Mag: You’ve posted a lot of singing cover videos on your YouTube channel.  Are there any songs that are your favorite or are special to you, and why?

Ruby: I would say Hurt by Christina Aguilera, because that song and video ended up being dedicated to my grandmama who had just passed away.  I found it to be a really healing process.  I also really like the song Seven Years by Lukas Graham because it was just so much fun to sing!

Everly Mag: Who are your singing and acting role models?

Ruby: My role models for singing are Christina Aguilera and Hailee Steinfeld.  My acting role models are Johnny Depp and James Corden.

Everly Mag: What’s something we should know about you that might surprise us?

Ruby: Something that might surprise you is that I have the ability to make my stomach do the wave in many different directions, and I absolutely love to crochet, I think I might have an addiction…

Everly Mag: What do you look for in a friend?  What do you like to do with your friends?

Ruby: I look for a friend who is loving, caring, humorous, understanding, and kind.  I love to do pretty much anything with my friends as long as I am with them.

Everly Mag: What advice do you have for teens and tweens who want to break into acting and singing?

Ruby: Honestly, just have fun and go for it.  Don’t feel pressured to be perfect in the beginning.  You’re [going to] mess up.  Everyone does, including myself, so just go for it and learn and take chances.

Image: Zack Caspary

Everly Mag: You have such a positive presence on social media.  How do you stay positive?  How do you cheer yourself up when you’re feeling sad?

Ruby: I honestly just block out the hate.  I don’t pay attention to it.  When I am feeling sad and want to feel better, I either play with my dog, hang out with a friend, crochet, or play ukelele.

Everly Mag: What are your favorite and least favorite things about social media?

Ruby: My favorite thing about social media is how you can express yourself and let the world know how happy you are, and bring joy into their lives as well.  My least favorite thing is how people take [social media] for granted, and use it as a way to bully [others] or make people feel less comfortable or confident in themselves.

Everly Mag: What are 3 ways that people can make social media a happier and more positive place?

Ruby: Stop cyberbullies, spread positivity and joy, and remind yourself that the rule “Treat others the way you want to be treated” still applies, even on social media.

Everly Mag: What else do you want your fans to know?

Ruby: I am in the studio more often these days and trying to post once a week to my YouTube.  Please subscribe to my channel!

You can find more Ruby Jay on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Feature Image Credit: Zack Caspary


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