Real Teens Talk: Empowerment

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We asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us what they think of the word empowerment. 

What does it mean to be empowered?  How can you show you are empowered?  Who in the world is a living example of empowerment?

“Empowerment is when you feel confident enough in your own skin that you [can] lift yourself and others up.”  – Juliette, 18

“Being empowered is taking the bad from the world around us and making it good!” – Haley, 16

“Empowered means being yourself and feeling confident in your own skin.  Being empowered means that you are taking control of your life and doing your own thing.” – Sydney, 14

“Empowered people stop at nothing to achieve their goals.  Someone who is empowered will dedicate their time to a cause, and do whatever it takes to see a change.  Someone who is not empowered could simply not care less about the things they claim they have a passion for.  People who are not empowered lie about their intensions, and always promise to do things they never end up doing.” – Claire, 17

“I define the word empowered as taking control and being more confident in yourself and your abilities.  This transfers to being empowered as a person and a girl in society today, along with having the confidence to achieve what we know that we can achieve.” – Jayla, 14

Graphic created by Everly Mag Ambassador Ciara

“Someone who is empowered is confident [in] what they are doing.  They find peace in positive work and try to achieve what is possible.  They LIKE what they’re doing.  Someone who is not empowered might have problems with social activities.  They might find things a little harder.  They might be questioning anything they’re doing.” – Sariyah, 13

“Empowered.  I think it means to be inspired with a passion.  Someone acting empowered will speak up when they feel they are being bullied because they feel that they deserve to be heard.  Someone not empowered will bully others, but can’t understand that they won’t be empowered with those actions.” – Ariana, 13

“Empowerment is the ability to be yourself.  Empowerment can be not wearing makeup because you know you don’t need it to be beautiful, but it’s also wearing contour and highlight and bold lipstick because you want to.  It’s wearing the clothes you love to wear, doing what you love to do, saying what you need to say, because you can.  Empowerment isn’t waiting back for someone else to say what you believe needs to be said, because you now that you’re strong enough to say it yourself.” – Marisa, 17

“Empowered – the way you feel when you’re doing something good and you feel good doing it.  Empowered – the way you feel when you’re confident in yourself, whether [it’s about] how you look or something you’ve done.” – Kennedy, 15

“For me, [empowerment] is simply confidence and standing strong.  I think being empowered is the [strongest] feeling anyone is able to experience.  You feel a large amount of motivation and self-love.” – Chaya, 16

Drawing by Everly Mag Ambassador Grace

“Someone who is doing something for the greater good and excited to grow through that action is someone who is empowered.” – Kori, 15

“An empowered girl thinks she is beautiful.  When she sees another girl, she compliments her outfit or makeup, thus building that other girl up.” – Jennifer, 18

“The main example I can think of is Jess and Gabriel Conte.  [They] were releasing some merch for their fans about the same time that the Florida school shooting happened.  They let this awful event empower them to make a difference, and they released their merch [with] 100% of the proceeds going to the families of the kids in the Florida schools.” – Hayden, 16

“Empowerment is feeling good about being you.” – Avery, 14

Do you agree or disagree with our ambassadors?  Let us know in the comments below!

*All ambassador names and identifying details have been changed.

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