Review: To The Beat! Is a Heartwarming Dance Film for the Tween Generation

To The Beat! is a dance film full of delightful tween fun, enthusiasm, style, and heart.  Directed by Jillian Clare, the film is Bring It On meets Camp Rock for the Dance Moms generation.

The film, which stars Brisa Lalich, Laura Krystine, and Jayden Bartels, gets a thumbs-up  from Everly Mag for its relatable, age-appropriate, and authentic storytelling, with strong cast performances and a whole lot of fun and dancing.

To the Beat! tells the story of twin sisters Mia (Lalich) and Mackie (Krystine), who, along with their mother and older sister Mandy, are still recovering from the passing of their father.  When the twins decide to enter a dance competition, their bond is tested, along with the bonds of everyone around them.

Mia is a tap dancer, while Mackie has a trendier style, and the two initially decide to form their own teams. The competition begins –  with a social media campaign that’s perfectly relatable to today’s teens and tweens.

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Image: To the Beat! Film

The stakes become even higher when they are forced to dance against stuck-up, bossy neighbor Avery (Bartels) and her team.  Thankfully, Mia and Mackie have the help of some Internet-savvy friends and a whole lot of family love and support to keep them dancing to the beat.

Jayden Bartels as Avery.  Image: To the Beat Film

Will Mia and Mackie be able to look past their differences and find a way to dance together?

Will all 3 girls make it to the final competition for celebrity judges, including Dexter Darden and Alyson Stoner?

Who will win the ultimate prize – a dancing gig in pop singer Chris Trousdale‘s newest music video?

Here at Everly Mag, we were struck by the acting and dancing performances among the cast members.  Jayden Bartels, whom tweens may recognize from her social media presence as Miss Jayden B, shines as mean girl Avery, and Avery Hewitt is a standout newcomer as obedient little sister Emily.

Avery Hewitt, Eric Martsolf, and Jayden Bartels as the Adams family.  Image: To The Beat Film

Most of all, the bond between sisters Mia, Mackie, and Mandy is undeniable and authentic, thanks to incredible performances from Lalich, Krystine, and Veronica St. Clair.  A strong supporting cast, including Jaheem Toombs and Kelly Grace, helps round out the story’s twists and turns.

To the Beat! is fun from start to finish, but doesn’t forget to find the heart and struggle in its core characters.

Laura Krystine and Brisa Lalich as Mackie and Mia.  Image: To The Beat Film

Whether you’re more like Mia, Mackie, Mandy, or even Avery, viewers will rejoice in the girls’ triumphs, feel the weight of their letdowns, and root for them the whole way through.

To the Beat! gets 5 out of 5 hearts from Everly Mag:

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