The 6 Songs We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

Here at Everly Mag, we absolutely LOVE listening to music – especially from your favorite rising teen pop stars like Annie LeBlanc, Indiana Massara, and Brooke Butler.

In January, we published the Girl-Powered songs that we couldn’t stop jamming to through winter.  Now that it’s spring, let’s present 6 songs we can’t stop obsessing over!

Little Things by Annie LeBlanc

Obsessing over: The breezy, laid-back lyrics, the heartwarming and authentic theme, and the adorable sister-powered music video starring Mads Lewis, Riley Lewis, and Hayley LeBlanc.

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Bird Set Free, Sia cover by Dylan Conrique

Obsessing over: Dylan’s powerful vocals, the lyrics about accepting who you are, and the incredible video aesthetic – Dylan’s dress covered in spray paint is absolutely amazing.

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Do Yourself a Favour by Indiana Massara

Obsessing over: Indiana’s sweet-and-sassy vibe in her lyrics and style, her pop star-ready vocals, her videos outfits (#goals), the video’s lighting and chemistry with co-star Matt Sato

Never Meant to Fall in Love by Annie LeBlanc, Brooke Butler, and Brenna D’Amico

Obsessing over: The Broadway-meets-old Hollywood style, Brooke Butler’s strong opening vocals balanced with Annie LeBlanc’s sweet, relaxed verse and Brenna D’Amico’s emotional bridge, its dance-number integration into the Brat show Overnights

Read more about Annie and Brooke in their show Chicken Girls here on Everly Mag.

One Day by Tate McRae

Obsessing over: Tate’s incredibly talented vocals, the beautiful melody, and the authentic lyrics about love and yearning, which will be genuine and relatable to any teen.

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Good Old Days, Macklemore and Kesha cover by Ruby Jay

Obsessing over: Ruby’s incredible vocal power and harmony, her unique tween spin on the song, the bright aesthetic, Ruby’s stage presence in the video

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Feature Image Credit: Ruby Jay / Tate McRae / Nikki Parimore / Brat


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