Every Episode of Chicken Girls Season One, Ranked

In less than a year, Chicken Girls has blown up social media as an international tween phenomenon.

The Brat-produced web series, which stars Annie LeBlanc and Hayden Summerall, has garnered millions of viewers and launched cast members like Dylan Conrique, Mads Lewis, Brooke Butler, Indiana Massara, and Caden Conrique to social media stardom.

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Caden Conrique, Hayley LeBlanc, Dylan Conrique, and Annie LeBlanc on the set of Chicken Girls.  Image: Brat

2018 brought us Chicken Girls Season 2, along with an upcoming Chicken Girls movie and book series to be released later this year.  In honor of the show’s success, Everly Mag decided to take it back to 2017 and watch every Season 1 episode of Chicken Girls.

We’ve ranked all 11 Season 1 episodes below, from our least favorite to our absolute favorite.   Can you guess our favorite before reading?

Keep reading for episode MVPs, Standout Awards, and favorite quotes from Rhyme, Ellie, Harmony, Birdie, Rooney, and the whole Attaway gang!

11. “Stronger In Numbers”

Season 1, Episode 10

While we wanted to love this episode, the penultimate chapter of the season ties up its loose ends a little too quickly, leaving us wanting the frustrating, but genuine, realism of the earlier storylines.

MVP: Our MVP Award goes to the strongest actor of the episode.  For this episode, it’s Indiana Massara, for her authenticity in playing Rooney – and for saving the day by cheering up BFF – and dance team captain – Birdie.

Standout Award: Our Standout Award goes to a cast member who leaves a lasting impression – whether it’s for their hilarious quotes, strong vocals, or relatable character development.  This week, it’s a tie between Annie LeBlanc and Riley Lewis, for their sweet and heartwarming BFF reconciliation.

Quote of the Episode: Well, it’s not exactly a quote, but Annie LeBlanc‘s Rhyme spitting soda in Tim Sharp’s face is definitely an unforgettable date – and Chicken Girls – moment.


10. “Wednesday”

Season 1, Episode 3

A fun, silly episode that leaves us laughing, though a little unsure of where the conflict is going to go next – and who we should be rooting for.

MVP: Jeremiah Perkins, for the vomit-flavored jellybeans incident that sparked… something with Indiana Massara’s Rooney.

Standout Award: Tied between Caden Conrique and Hayden Summerall, for their “rudimentary” conversation about Rhyme.

Quote of the Episode: Mads Lewis and Indiana Massara, locked in an intense discussion: “We aren’t fighting, we’re having an adult conversation!”

9. “Thursday”

Season 1, Episode 4

The episode is strong and dramatic in its character dynamics, though a longer run time would’ve given viewers an opportunity to feel more for the characters.

MVP: Hayden Summerall, for showing T.K.’s complicated emotions toward his childhood best friend and current crush, Rhyme.

Standout Award: Riley Lewis, for shining as she acted Quinn’s heated argument with Ellie.

Quote of the Episode: Brooke Butler and Greg Marks, their characters pre-almost-kiss: “You smell like strawberries.” / “You smell like salt and vinegar chips.” / “That’s cause I had, like, 7 bags.”

8. “Tuesday”

Season 1, Episode 2

The second episode of the series isn’t as successful in grabbing our attention as the first, though a series of misfit dance team auditions never fails to make us laugh.

MVP: Indiana Massara, for an authentic and relatable turn as Rooney, the annoyed second-in-command of Mads Lewis‘ Birdie.

Standout Award: Mads Lewis, for creating a dynamic and thorough portrayal of bossy team captain Birdie.

Quote of the Episode: Brooke Butler’s hilarious, deadpan Ellie: “Did you guys notice Henry was looking at me the whole time?” / “He was?” / “Yeah, well, actually he was looking at his phone, but probably at our Snapchats, I mean…right?”

7. “Next Crush”

Season 1, Episode 6

The crush moments between Hayden’s T.K. and Annie’s Rhyme are certainly heartwarming – and frustrating – but, at this point, we’re starting to wonder if they’ll ever get together or if Brat is just teasing us.

MVP: Annie LeBlanc, for Rhyme’s heart-to-heart convo with real life and onscreen little sis Hayley, and for her amazing reaction to T.K.’s new “chill” persona.

Standout Award: HRVY, for his performance as the totally-crushable Miles, who encourages Ellie to step out of her comfort zone and find her voice – creating the central tension of the season.

Quote of the Episode: Our quote comes from Brooke Butler‘s show-stopping vocals in her ex-lover’s ballad: “Keep out the bad, and bring in the good” / “Find someone to treat me like the way you never would.”

6. “Halloween”

Season 1, Episode 5

The series midpoint brings us longer episodes, new characters, and the start of the show’s musical numbers.  We’re loving the introduction of Carson Lueders, Hayley LeBlanc, and Rush Holland, but the drama doesn’t hit viewers with enough intensity as we’d like.

MVP: Carson Lueders.  Who else but this teen singer could pull off a party jam performance while wearing a hamburger costume?

Standout Award: We can’t get enough of Hayley LeBlanc as Rhyme’s savvy and adorable little sister Harmony.  Did you catch Hayley on Mani, too?

Quote of the Episode: Mads Lewis to Annie LeBlanc: “Step one, scope out the snacks.”  Now that’s some party advice we can get behind.

5. “Say Anything”

Season 1, Episode 9

We’re loving the friendship dynamics between the “Chicken Boys” of the show – Flash, T.K., and Ace, but are waiting for the drama to pick up a little faster as the series gets closer to the finale.

MVP: It’s a tie between Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc, for this amazing exchange: “You deserve someone there rooting for you, always.” / “Well, maybe I was there rooting for myself.”  We love some girl power from Rhyme!

Standout Award: Dylan Conrique shines as sassy and sincere Kayla, who is humble, authentic, and confident as she walks her own path.

Quote of the Episode: Hayley LeBlanc’s Harmony: “Awkward.  Well I’m gonna go do homework.  Or something.”  The young actress perfectly pulls off the line’s candor and sincerity.

4. “Monday”

Season 1, Episode 1

We can’t get enough of this short, snappy start to the web series, which introduces us to the Attaway world – the characters, humor, friendships, relationships, and drama that will carry us through the entire season.

MVP: Brooke Butler, for her hilarious and perfectly acted introduction to her character Ellie.

Standout Award: Dylan Conrique, for giving a relaxed and authentic performance as Kayla.  We were instantly drawn to her character’s sarcasm and comfort in the world of Attaway.

Quote of the Episode: Ellie and Kayla: “You’re so weird.  He looks like a ketchup packet.” / “I love ketchup.”

3. “Photograph”

Season 1, Episode 7

We’re here for Annie LeBlanc’s relaxed, breezy vocals in the episode’s musical number, and sweet sister-bonding moments between Annie and little sister Hayley, who is finding her own as an actress.

MVP: It’s a tie between Mads Lewis, for her role as bossy dance caption and bossy (but still caring) older sister, and Caden Conrique, for his sweet sincerity as Tim Sharp – the smart and kind boyfriend everyone (but Rhyme) should want.  It’s an MVP perfect match – Did you know Mads and Caden are dating in real life?

Standout Award: Rush Holland as T.K.’s childhood BFF Flash, who encourages T.K. to get back to his roots and act real.

Quote of the Episode: We love Annie LeBlanc’s song Photograph: “We are a thousand words, that’s our current score.”

2. “Two Places At Once”

Season 1, Episode 11

We love the excitement and enthusiasm of the season finale, though we wish we had a little more suspense in that last dance showdown.

MVP: Brooke Butler, for using her acting and singing chops to steal the show, save the Chicken Girls, and bring the storylines all together.

Standout Award: Hayden Summerall, for showing the depth and complexity of T.K. – his friendships, crushes, and desire to be cool while honoring those he really loves.  Plus, he’s willing to make a fool of himself to save the dance team!

Honorable mentions go to Mads Lewis, for her spot-on performance as Birdie, and Dylan Conrique, for being the glue that holds the Chicken Girls together.

Quote of the Episode: Rush Holland‘s Flash with a moment of honesty: “What’s wrong with you?” / “Both of you!  Ace, [you don’t care] about anyone except yourself.  And T.K., you don’t want to go to the meet for your sister, you want to go to see Rhyme!”

1. “Broken”

Season 1, Episode 8

Our top-rated Chicken Girls episode for Season 1 has a whole lot of character development, drama, dancing, and a beautiful, emotional ballad from Brooke Butler.

MVP: Another MVP award goes to Brooke Butler, for her raw portrayal of Ellie’s inner conflict between dancing and singing, and all the real emotions that happen when you fight to find your voice.

Standout Award: Aliyah Moulden for her role as the head of rival dance team Power Surge, along with strong performances from Erin Reese, Kelsey Leon, and Jenna Davis.

Quote of the Episode: Song lyrics from Brooke’s breakout moment: “And you’re trying to breathe, but you can’t find air” / “And you’re wishing you could be anywhere but here” / “Scattered across the ground.”

 What’s your favorite Chicken Girls episode?  Let us know in the comments!

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