Quiz: What Chicken Girls Actress Are You Most Like?

We’ve been completely loving Brat‘s web series Chicken Girls lately, especially its relatable cast of rising actors, singers, dancers, and social media stars.

Are you an Annie LeBlanc or Dylan Conrique?  Are you a Mads Lewis or Indiana Massara?  Or, are you most like Hayley LeBlanc?

Take the Everly Mag quiz to find out!

Something went wrong. The riddle you requested doesn't exist.

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Feature Image Credit: Brat


7 thoughts on “Quiz: What Chicken Girls Actress Are You Most Like?

  1. Hi I love your tv show I love it when you come up with new ones to show us i support you all the way y’all are amazing girls and my Idols Love Hollise from Starkville ms come visit sometime

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