Real Teens Talk: Role Models

We asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us who they consider to be a role model for teens today.

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Who is your role model?

Annie and Hayley LeBlanc

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Annie and Hayley LeBlanc.  Image: Brat

“They always have a positive attitude and they act like themselves.  They also inspire young viewers to be themselves and celebrate life.  I’m a really big fan of Hayley LeBlanc.  She’s always happy and has a positive vibe, and she also seems really sweet.” – Mia*, 13 

“I am getting into acting, dancing, singing, modeling, and stuff like that.  Since Annie is [close to] my age, I look up to her and it makes me feel confident.” – Chloe, 15

“Annie LeBlanc has been through so much and she still continues to do what she loves and stay happy.” – Zahra, 17

“I picked Hayley because she is always being herself.  She makes people laugh and she wears what she wants to wear.” – Alaina, 14

“I think Annie and Hayley LeBlanc are making a huge difference in this world.  They have done a family vlogging channel for over 7 years, and the Internet has grown to love them and their family.  I personally look up to Annie because she’s acting and singing, and those are two things I want to do in my life.” – Madison, 14

“Annie LeBlanc is a great example of a young girl who is achieving many things.  She shows everyone that no matter what age you are, you can [achieve] your dreams and reach high.” – Eryn, 14

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Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler

Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.  Image: Teen Vogue

“I admire Mackenzie as when she was growing up, people said that she was in her sister’s shadow [on] Dance Moms, but in my opinion I feel that Mackenzie has embraced this and has completed many things in her name.  It just shows that you don’t have to be in people’s shadows.  You can show people that you are your own person.  Maddie Ziegler [is] an exceptional dancer, who I look up to myself.  I feel that I can learn a lot from her when she performs.  She also makes me want to maybe start acting as she looks at home and comfortable when doing it.” – Myra, 17

“Maddie and Mackenzie help a lot of people to find their talents and just love yourself no matter what.” – Samantha, 13

“I like Kenzie because she shows [that] if you work hard you can go places.  She was a dancer who trained for years to get to where she is today, so that’s really inspiring.” – Kendall, 13

“One teen celebrity I admire is Maddie Ziegler.  She is an extremely talented dancer.  As a young child, I grew up watching her on Dance Moms and now, I follow her on social media. I feel like I grew up with her and have always looked up to her.” – Lauren, 14

“Maddie Ziegler is a huge inspiration to me!  She’s so young but amazingly talented in every way.  She has a huge platform and I think she uses it only for good and is a true role model to everyone.  [She has] so much talent and fame but only uses it for good and isn’t afraid to be [herself] – even be a little weird.  And that’s such a light to this generation!” – Amanda, 16

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Tate McRae

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Image: Tate McRae

“I admire a number of teen celebrities.  One of these is Tate McRae.  I look up to her because her songs have so much depth and meaning, and the fact that she has received hate, like numerous celebrities, but she doesn’t let that upset her.  She has a true passion that you can spot easily and tries to give her fans a positive influence, and for that I admire her.” – Autumn, 14

“Tate is so young and she is an amazing dancer but she recently started making original songs on her YouTube channel that are so raw and wise beyond her years!  They exploded and she’s been able to record them already!  Not only do I listen to her songs on repeat but I think she’s the future of music.  Truly incredible!” – Amanda, 16

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Emma Gonzalez

Emma Gonzalez.  Image: Teen Vogue

“Emma Gonzalez is a newfound role model.  She was a survivor of the Parkland shooting.  She now speaks out for all the victims and is fighting for a change!” – Kelsey, 16

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Lilia Buckingham

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Lilia Buckingham.  Image: Maddie Style

“I look up to Maddie Ziegler and Lilia Buckingham in creating Positively Social.  Like Everly Mag, they are all about helping young people use social media more positively.” – Kendall, 13

“Lilia is empowering, inspiring, and motivational.  She is so positive, sends good vibes, and is just so sweet and caring toward her fans.  She tells us so many things that brighten our day or are just motivating.  She also co-founded Positively Social which is such an amazing project.  I look up to her a lot.  She’s an incredible young woman.” – Shaina, 13

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Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown.  Image: Glamour Magazine

“At just 14, Millie is so successful.  But, she’s very down to earth.  She does anything she can to stop hate across social media and in real life.  She’s so inspiring and I look up to her a lot.  I love her so much!” – Shaina, 13

“I love [Millie’s] personality, how funny she is, and her dedication!” – Angie, 14

“I admire Millie because she is such a talented, sassy, and fashionable young lady for just 14. I admire her work ethic, style, and her as a person. Millie is a skilled actress (among her many talents) and doesn’t act too grown or too childish, and I appreciate that.” – Aaniyah, 15

“Millie Bobby Brown is a kind, genuine, and super-talented girl.  She is not afraid to be who she is, and seeks to inspire others to value themselves and follow their dreams.  She is a great messenger of female empowerment and equality.  [At just] 14 years old, she is leaving a mark on the world and on the girls who follow her.” – Albany, 16

“Despite her young age, [Millie has] worked so hard to get where she is in the entertainment field, perhaps one of the most difficult fields to be successful in.  She is doing what she loves successfully on one of the most notable television shows, and that is inspiring to me.” – Kaitlyn, 17

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…And More!

“I admire and look up to Caden and Dylan Conrique.  I love Dylan’s singing and she has an amazing voice.  She seems like a kind, amazing human and everything she does is awesome!  Caden is an actor and he also does vlogs on YouTube.  I personally think his acting is really good and both of them are amazing on Chicken Girls.  They are young kids that I can relate to and the show is also very relatable.  Also, in Caden’s vlogs he just tells us what he does in his everyday life, and it’s crazy because they’re so young and do so much.” – Taylor, 13

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.19.51 AM
Dylan and Caden Conrique.  Image: AwesomenessTV

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“Another person who is making a difference is Brooke Butler.  She is a singer and actress and she’s been going on tour with Rock Your Hair.  She’s an amazing singer and I think she really will make a difference in the singing world.” – Adrienne, 13

Yara Shahidi is only 18 years old and yet she has starred in 2 TV shows and is an advocate for women and POC.  She is strong, empowering, and is herself to her many, many followers and friends (including Oprah!) which makes her such a good role model.

Yara Shahidi.  Image: Forbes

Chloe Kim is another young woman who is super talented and unapologetically herself.  She is only 17 and has won an Olympic gold medal!  She is living proof that achieving your dreams is possible.” – Georgia, 18

Nia Sioux Frazier is very inspirational and always strives to lift others up!” – Liv, 15

Grace VanderWaal is doing a great job at empowering other teens and tweens with her music not to care what others think.” – Kristen, 14

Other role model shoutouts: Rowan Blanchard, Mads Lewis, JoJo Siwa, Chloe Lukasiak, Zara Larsson, Alessia Cara, and many more! 

*By request, many ambassador names and identifying information have been changed.

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