Top 5 YouTube Videos This Week

Not enough time to watch tons of YouTube videos this week?  Don’t worry.

Everly Mag has you covered, with our top 5 YouTube videos of the week.  We’re loving these vids from our favorite stars, including behind-the-scenes looks at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and upcoming Brat shows like Total Eclipse.

Sneak Peak of BROBOT | Brat

Favorite moments: BROBOT Star Brent Rivera talking about his onscreen and offscreen friendship with real-life sister Lexi.  Plus, awesome cameos from Ben Azelart and Ashlund Jade.

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Walking the Kids’ Choice Awards Orange Carpet | Bratayley

Favorite moments: We’re loving Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels’ super-sweet friendship moments, along with some behind-the-scenes of the MANI cast from Hayley.  This daily vlog shows the true behind-the-scenes of how stars get ready for awards shows, early morning flight and all!

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Who Knows Me Better? | Indiana Massara

Favorite Moments: We loved learning all about Indi– from her favorite color (hint: it’s not red) to her favorite school subject, sad movie, flower, and more!  The video was made even better by the competition between Zach Justice and Matt Sato.  Watch it to the end to find out who wins (and find out Indi’s idea of a perfect date)!

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Hayley LeBlanc Scares Me Before the Whisper Challenge & She Sings!| Julian Clark

Favorite Moments: The friendship between these two MANI co-stars is absolutely adorable, and we’re loving their funny interactions leading up to their Whisper Challenge Video (watch it on Hayley’s channel).

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Total Eclipse Behind-the-Scenes | Brat

Favorite moments: We’re counting down to the premiere of Total Eclipse, and we loved seeing behind-the-scenes friendship moments and plot spoilers from Kenzie, Lauren, Johnny, Lilia and the rest of the gang.  We loved hearing about the upcoming talent show, friendship, and relationship drama in the series!

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