Real Teens Talk: Social Media

Continuing our Real Teens Talk series, we asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to describe social media today.

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What 3-5 words would you use to describe your experience on social media?

“Fun, exposure, hard (to manage).” – Sofia, 13

“Inspirational, interacting, fun, and helpful.” – Meri, 15

“Open, dangerous, expressive, connect.” – Cora, 15

“Helpful, fake, time-consuming.” – Sunshine, 14

“Influence, communicate, distort.” – Georgina, 18

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“Challenging, toxic, wonderful, creative, inspiring.” – Paige, 16

“Addicting, fascinating, occasionally toxic, and newfound.” – Elizabeth, 16

“Informative, trendy, creative, inspiration, amicable.” – Maria, 19

“Fun, cruel, time-consuming.” – Aoife, 15

“Positive, addictive, opinionated.” – Taliesha, 14

“Empowering, fun, and sometimes chaotic.” – Izzy, 15

“Negative, unsafe, and consuming.” – Marissa, 16

“Overwhelming, entertaining, empowering.” – Kiami, 16

“Engaging, contemporary, and powerful.” – Renae, 17

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“Harsh, resourceful, distracting, honesty, public.” – Leah, 17

“Inspiring, harsh, yet wonderful!” – Chloe, 14

“Communicative, networking, sharing, connecting.” – Ella, 16

“Open, mysterious, imaginative, unique, cautious.” – Athina, 14

What do you think about social media?  Comment your 3-5 words below! 

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