Real Teens Talk: Makeup

We asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us their thoughts about girls and makeup.

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“I think it’s empowering for girls to wear makeup if it’s for the right reasons.  If it’s because you think you have to, that’s not empowering.  Personally, I choose to wear it, but I don’t wear a lot – light foundation, mascara, lip gloss.  That’s it.  I don’t do it because I think I have to, but because I like how it looks, and I’m a very aesthetic-based person.” – Sienna*, 15

“I honestly don’t like makeup.  Except for dance, I only do the basic things like lip gloss and foundation.  I don’t think that makeup makes us unique, it takes away from [our uniqueness].  Although I think we sometimes need it to cover minor blemishes, I don’t think it’s something that we should do all the time.  I believe everyone else around is wearing too much!  I think it’s acceptable to be wearing makeup when you reach puberty and your skin starts acting up.” – Annie, 15

“I have really bad acne and that causes me to be self-conscious, so that is the reason I wear makeup.  I feel like it’s okay for teens to wear makeup because, in most cases, it’s not about looking like a grown-up, it’s about feeling confident.  When I wear makeup, I feel like I run the world and nothing can stop me.” – Tori, 16

“I do very much believe that it is empowering for girls to wear makeup.  As an avid makeup wearer, it makes me happy.  Makeup is a creative outlet and a way to express myself.  I wear makeup as a choice.  No girls should be pressured into [wearing] makeup.  When I wear makeup, I feel content.  There is a common misconception that makeup is a mask for a girl, which it could be.  However, most girls I know wear makeup because it’s a choice they have made – not [from] society or low self-esteem.” – Kenia, 15

“I think makeup empowers different girls in entirely different ways.  For some, it makes them feel more confident and beautiful, but for others it makes them feel fake and uncomfortable.  I wear mascara and eyeliner to make my eyes look more accentuated and a little less plain, but that’s all.  I don’t wear a full face of makeup.  I feel more confident and comfortable with myself because I think I look better, and I don’t worry as much about people judging me for looking boring.  When I don’t wear makeup, sometimes I feel ugly, sometimes I feel completely fine, and other times I feel like people think I’m too young, like a kid.” – Abigail, 14

“I love makeup!  Makeup feels like a confidence booster for me and I think it’s really fun to play around with [it].  But, I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 14 and I really only wore mascara.  I think this was important for me because girls DO NOT need to wear makeup and makeup does not change anyone’s beauty!” – Kathryn, 16

“I wear makeup and I think it makes me feel more confident around people.  When I don’t wear makeup, I am more worried about what people think of me.  I also think that teen girls wear makeup for themselves, not just to impress people.” – Callie, 15

“Makeup is like magic.  It can transform whatever you make up into something different.  I do put on makeup, but only when I am going to an event.  It makes me feel confident in who I am and also covers up any blemishes I don’t want to show.  When I don’t wear makeup, I still feel confident and my skin is free and not heavy.  I feel free without makeup and embrace all my flaws.  I think teen girls wear makeup because of all the pressure of social media and society.” – Malin, 14

“I believe it can be empowering for girls to wear makeup, however, everyone is different and different things make them feel empowered.  I don’t really wear makeup ever, only like twice a year.  I suppose it feels quite good, but I already feel empowered by other things.  Wear makeup for yourself and don’t rely on others.” – Elliana, 14

“For some girls, it is empowering to wear makeup, and for others it’s just for fun!  Some wear makeup to hide insecurities, some wear it to experiment with art, and some wear it because they like how they look!” – MacKenzie, 14

*All ambassador names and identifying information have been changed.

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