The Top 5 Songs We’re Loving this Week

Here at Everly Mag, we absolutely LOVE listening to music – especially from your favorite rising teen pop stars like Annie LeBlancIndiana Massara, Mackenzie Ziegler, and Brooke Butler.

New or old, these 5 songs always fulfill the Everly Mag message of kindness, love, and positivity, and make us want to get up, sing, dance, and just be happy!

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Little Miss Hollywood by Erin Reese

The Chicken Girls star dazzles us with her vocals and a fantastic pop beat.  It’s just like an old Taylor Swift song, perfect for a girl’s night sleepover!

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Dance Like Me by Brooklyn and Bailey

The twin YouTubers keep us dancing with their electro-pop beat, vibrant aesthetic, feel-good lyrics, and cheerleader music video!

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Somebody’s Heart by Annie LeBlanc

The teen social media icon and Chicken Girls star shows off her talent and takes on a country vibe in her slow-paced single.  It’s perfect for a long car ride and singing along!

Star In Your Own Life by Nia Sioux

In this 2015 throwback jam, the Dance Moms star reminds us all that we’re perfect just the way we are, and we deserve to shine.  It never fails to be the exact self-confidence anthem we need!

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Watch by Mackenzie Ziegler (Billie Eilish Cover)

The teen dancer, singer, and Total Eclipse star puts her stunning vocal talent on display with this emotional song and captivating music video.

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