Real Teens Talk: Politics

We asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us their thoughts about teens getting involved in politics.

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“I think kids and teens should know what’s going on in the world around them.  However, I also think it shouldn’t be forced on them until they are around 12 or 13.  I don’t think kids should have to grow up that fast to understand every little thing going on in the world.  Kids should be kids while they can.  I used to not pay attention to news at all.  I would say I started to in high school.  I don’t like how everything tries to be political today, I think some things should just be fun and not get political.  Being political is hard and I don’t like to get involved with it that much.” – Susan*, 17

“I think it’s great to teens to be involved in politics because we live in this country and have to live with the decisions that are made, the same as adults.  However, I also think it’s fine for teens not to be involved.  Normally, I watch the Stay Tuned by NBC News segment on SnapChat.  The news stories that get my attention are the titles that confuse me or that sound interesting.  I think adults just need to understand that teens also like to watch and read the news, and that we live in this world, too.  Don’t make opportunities to stand up for change only for adults – make sure teens can be included, too.” – Grace, 14

“As we are the future of America, I think it’s really important for teenager to know what’s going on in the world around them.  There may be different levels of involvement, whether it’s joining protests or just reading the news, and I think they’re all important.  I like knowing what’s going on in the world around me, though I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed with politics or anything.  I think it’s important for adults to try and engage teenagers in more conversations about politics, whether they want to be involved or not.” – Riley, 15

“I think it’s important for young people to be involved and to know what’s going on with politics, but at the same time, we still need to be kids!  News stories about war or violence get my attention, because they are things we don’t want to be involved in so the threat of them scares me.” – Lucy, 15

“I don’t think teens need to be involved unless it involves us directly.   So, for example, Trump being president was a big deal that could have affected everyone, or the idea going around about requiring teachers to have guns.  That is an issue that will directly affect students and I feel for that reason we should be involved.  In my opinion, there should be more talk of local news in school.” – Valerie, 15

“We are the future.  I think that’s it’s very important for teens to know what’s going on in the world.  I feel that something that is really bad for teens nowadays is that we are extremely desensitized to the things that are shown on the news.  I really like seeing positive things on the news, but I also like seeing things that bring awareness to events and situations that need to be brought to light.” – Nylah, 15

“I do feel that people my age should be involved in politics.  I’m 17 years old and will be the age to vote this year, so I do feel that my age group should read and pay attention to what’s happening in politics.  I love reading and watching about things that interest me, like crime and other stuff that I connect to.” – Rachael, 17

“I don’t think it’s important for people my age to be involved in politics because there isn’t much my age group can do to change anything about it and it does start up a lot of drama.  I prefer to focus on my own life [rather than] watch the news.” – Keely, 16

“I absolutely think that teens should be politically aware because we are growing up in a world that politicians are setting up for us!  I think that it is very important for teens to be involved in politics.  I like to read articles and watch the news on what’s happening politically, because it will be affecting me somehow.  I think that if adults turn the TV over to teens and let us voice our opinions to anyone who’s willing to listen, preferably a state representative or senator, teens will get more involved with the world around them than with what’s happening in our own little world (although we are pretty busy).  – Blair, 14

“Young people are the future so we should be trying to change the world as much as we can.  I personally read or watch the news as much as possible, and if I don’t have time, the radio or social media is another great way.  News stories about equality for people and animals get my attention, because those are important topics for me.  If younger people want to start getting involved in politics, doing things like following news accounts on social media, listening to the radio, or trying to watch your local news channel make a huge difference.” – Meg, 18

*By request, most ambassador names and identifying information have been changed.

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One thought on “Real Teens Talk: Politics

  1. I think that it is indeed important for teens to be aware of politics and the things that these politicians support and dont support. I think it’s important because it is good to be muture about important things like this. you personally might no be affected by the decions if the politicians but others will. For example People your close to or family. It’s important to have a mature mind-set and actually understand what is going on and how you or your loved ones (ect) will be affected. In the end younger people/ 21st generation are most likely going to the most affected by politicians in the long run, so it’s important to understand and at-least have little knowledge.

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