Get to Know Pynk Le’Monade!

The girl group Pynk Le’Monade has been taking social media by storm with their upbeat vocals, catchy YouTube videos, and strong friendship.

On their way to becoming a quadruple threat, these 5 talented teens have toured and performed across the United States, from Los Angeles to NYC, and done collaborations with Fifth Harmony, DNCE, Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter, and more!

Get to know the members of Pynk Le’Monade – Jackie, Sydney, Tori Kay, Savanna, and Inaya – with 5 facts about each of these incredible girls.

Meet Jackie

Image: Pynk Le’Monade

5 Facts about Jackie:

  1. My dad is the one who got me into singing.
  2. I got my voice from my mom.
  3. I’m afraid of heights, but not roller coasters.  I love amusement parks!
  4. I have really long hair.
  5. I love a K-Pop group called BTS!

Meet Sydney

Image: Pynk Le’Monade

5 Facts about Sydney:

  1. My favorite season is summer.
  2. I have never been to the zoo.
  3. My favorite animal is a jaguar.
  4. I LOVE acrylics.
  5. My favorite TV shows are Stranger Things, Riverdale, The Fosters, and Star.

Meet Tori Kay

Image: Pynk Le’Monade

5 Facts about Tori Kay:

  1. I’m from Texas but don’t know how to ride a horse or two-step.
  2. I have hands the size of a five-year-old!
  3. My motto is: “I’m not wishing on a star, I’m chasing it.”
  4. I’m coordinated when it comes to dancing, but I constantly trip and fall just simply walking.
  5. Subway is my favorite place on earth, and yes, I can eat a foot-long sandwich in one sitting!

Meet Savanna

Image: Pynk Le’Monade

5 Facts about Savanna:

  1. I’m the only person I know with the last name Game.
  2. I love fashion and shoes.
  3. My music inspirations are Bob Marley and Kehlani.
  4. I get told I look like Kehlani a lot!
  5. My dream car is a 1957 Chevrolette Roadster.  I’m into cars, too!

Meet Inaya

Image: Pynk Le’Monade

5 Facts about Inaya:

  1. I’m a Capricorn.
  2. My favorite food is sushi.
  3. I’m mixed (Black, Filipino, French, German, Irish, English).
  4. I still do not know how to whistle or ride a bike!
  5. I’ve been in love with performing – singing, dancing, and acting – since I was little.

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