Show Your Earth Some Love with Love Bottle!

At Everly Mag, we’re all about spreading positivity and kindness to everyone – even the Earth.

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Earth Day is the perfect day to remember how to show your planet some love and kindness.  What better way to do that than with a product that reminds you how loved you are in return?

Check out our review of Love Bottle, an eco-friendly water bottle with a mission to change the world.  Thanks, Love Bottle, for gifting us a sample!

Image: Love Bottle

We were instantly obsessed with the mission behind Love Bottle – it’s a friend to the environment and a positive voice for change.

The water bottle is made in the USA and crafted with 100 percent eco-friendly glass and up to 40 percent recycled glass.  We found the glass made the bottle a little heavy for a day of hiking or a trip to the gym, but perfect for use at home.

Image: Everly Mag Founder Katherine with Love Bottle

Not only does it reduce the use of single-use plastic, the Love Bottle looks like a piece of art everywhere it goes.

Love Bottle also donates 5 percent of each purchase to Global Water, helping people around the world get access to clean water.   With over 25 designs and custom bottles available, the Love Bottle doesn’t just look good – it does good.

Image: Everly Mag founder Katherine with Love Bottle

The UR Loved message at the bottom of each bottle helps remind everyone that even though they’re helping the world, they deserve some self-care and kindness, too!

Support your planet on Earth Day – and everyday – by checking out a Love Bottle today.   We’re absolutely loving their state-specific and animal designs!

Love Bottle, $25,

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