How “Only the Brave” Changed My Life

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One of the best movies I have ever watched is called “Only the Brave”. It is about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, firefighters from Arizona. They risked their lives to save many others during the Yarnell Hill fire.

This movie is based on a true story that happened in June of 2013. The Hotshots sadly did not make it, but they kept the fire from burning down an entire city. I chose this piece because it really opened my eyes to how much firefighters risk. Being born and raised in Arizona only makes this movie so much more special to me.

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In the movie, the Hotshots show determination, strength, and dignity. Those traits are all so important, but it also showed that it is OK to be afraid. I think that is amazing and necessary. You don’t have to have superpowers in order to be a hero. This movie inspired me to try my hardest, even if I may feel weak. It also showed me that when I try my hardest, I can do things bigger than I had originally planned. There is a character in the movie whose name is Brendan McDonough. He started off living a life of crime. He couldn’t afford to support himself, let alone his daughter. Nobody would hire him because of the things he had done. He wanted to turn his life around. He saw the opportunity to become a firefighter, and he took it. At first, he couldn’t keep up with the rest of the guys, and it was a struggle for him. However, he kept trying. He learned so much from the others and grew close to them. He was sadly the only one from the Granite Mountain Hotshots to survive the fire. It was hard for him since he had lost not only his friends, but his family. Yet after everything, he still stayed strong and worked hard.

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“Only the Brave” is such an inspiring, heroic movie that changed me for the better. It showed me to keep trying and to not give up. It also opened my eyes to the dangers that firefighter face, and made me even more grateful. Of course I knew that they risked a lot, but this movie helps you to understand it. I think that everybody should watch this movie. It will inspire you. It will push you to do your best. And it will definitely make you cry.

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