Real Teens Talk: Social Media

We asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us how teens can make social media a better place.

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“It would be great if teens would stop sharing negative things on social media. It needs to be a platform where we can be 100% positive and inspiring to each other rather than 85% negative and 15% positive.” – Amy, 14

“Teens can make social media a better place by using it for a good purpose like spreading awareness rather than using it to bully or hate on others.” – Eilidh, 15

“It would be so simple if everyone could just make others stop the hate. But we as teens can be true to ourselves. We know the difference from right and wrong so let’s do the right thing and stop the hate and mean post and comments.” – Sheira, 16

“Mean people will be mean people. Hate will continue. Lies will spread. But anyone can choose to be kind. You can choose to make someone smile and send someone a sweet message or a funny video. Make someone’s day even if others choose to try and do the opposite.” – Helen, 16

“Teens can make social media better by spreading positivity, reporting fake accounts and supporting others.” -Katie, 13

“By being nicer to everyone and just compliment people. Also when there’s like a negative post, don’t praise it. Don’t like it and if necessary report it. Don’t focus too much on the negative and focus more on the positive” – Jianna, 14

“Teens can make social media a better place by supporting each other and sticking to the mantra ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’” – Willa, 17

“Just by being positive and spreading love. Lifting one another up and not bringing them down.” – Alexis, 20

“Just be nice to each other. Instead of hating on somebody, compliment them! It makes you feel better, it makes them feel better, and it’s easier to say a simple sentence or comment a few heart emojis than to write an entire paragraph of negativity.” – Ella, 13

“As teenagers, we all have one thing in common and that’s puberty! We all have different struggles with it so the best way to deal with it is to help other teens and build up their confidence. During puberty, teenagers’ confidence and self-esteem drops significantly. So, if we can all band together, we can get through our teen years happier and more successfully!” -Calah Huie, 15

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