5 Things to Know about Olivia Cella

Teen singer and actress Olivia Cella just released her latest song and music video, MISSING U.

We are loving her music, and Everly Mag got to know the 16-year-old performer even better with 5 fun facts about the young artist!

1. Olivia is a Yoga Instructor.

“I am currently studying for my yoga certification.  I receive my certification in June, when I turn 17.  I am already student-teaching yoga, and I especially love to teach aerial yoga.”  Since Olivia was a competitive figure skater from ages 5 to 14, she is very flexible. Her skating experience comes in handy when she’s teaching yoga posses!

2. Olivia has Autoimmune Disease.

“I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease last year, in July 2017.  I was experiencing aches and pains and we couldn’t pinpoint why.  My mom took me to get a blood test last summer, and it came back positive for Autoimmune.”

3. Olivia is on a Paleo diet.

Olivia with her sister Michelle Cella.  Image: Olivia Cella

“To tackle my Autoimmune symptoms, I stay on a Paleo diet.  I avoid all dairy, gluten, and other inflammatory foods.  My diet consists of organic vegetables, fruits, fish, and grass-fed meats.  A typical breakfast is a slice of Paleo bread, made from almond flour and egg whites, and an avocado or fruit smoothie.  Lunch, which I pack for school, is usually a container of sliced raw veggies.  Dinner is usually veggies and a piece of salmon or chicken.  In between meals, I snack on Paleo granola bars or fruit.”

4. Olivia is involved in her community.

Image: Olivia Cella

“Even though I’m super busy with my music and acting, I still attend regular high school in New Jersey.  I am on my high school track team – practice is every day after school.  I run the mile, and do high and long jump.  I am also involved in Pass It Along, which is a community service organization in my town.  Every week we meet to help others.  We serve food in soup kitchens, visit the elderly, make care packages for the homeless, and more.”

5. Olivia has a passion for art – visual and performance.

“I’ve always had a passion for art.  I paint, draw, and create sculpture in my Honors sculpt class.  One of the vases I created was just selected for display at a local art show.  I love sculpture [and] next year I’ll be in AP sculpture.  I love working with clay, making figurines, and working on the wheel making vases.  I also maintain Honor Roll status every semester.”

Image provided by Olivia Cella

“I have acted in 2 feature films.  The first one was when I was 7, titled They’re Out of the Business, and the second one, titled Blowtorch, was when I was 12.  Both films were shot in New York City.  About the same time I was cast in the first movie was when I started to sing locally in churches and senior homes.  I consider myself an artistic person whether it is songwriting, painting, or sculpting – I just love it all!”

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