Madysyn Rose on Singing, Reality TV, and What Inspires Her

Teen singer Madysyn Rose found her passion for music when she was just 12 years old.

“My dad recorded me singing and posted it on Facebook,” she reminisced, sitting poised on the couch in her Nashville home.  “Overnight, it got to 10 million views.”

The song? La La La by Sam Smith.  The viral video was the beginning of Madysyn’s music career, which has taken her from her Los Angeles hometown, to the set of the Lifetime reality series The Pop Game, to a bright future as a Nashville singer-songwriter with a country vibe.

Everly Mag spent an afternoon with Madysyn talking music, social media, reality television, and what fans can expect from her next.

Meet Madysyn Rose

Madysyn would describe her personality as friendly and spontaneous.

“Friendly because I can socialize, and I like to meet people and talk to them,” she said, adding that she also loves to listen.  “I’m a very good listener – even if I’m not super talkative, I like to take my time and really connect with people.”

Our Everly Mag founder Katherine with Madysyn Rose.  Image: Everly Mag

In California, she loved to spend time with her friends and head to the beach and outdoor malls; in Nashville, she’s enjoyed hiking, exploring nature, and listening to live music.  “I love to have fun,” she said.  “I love to do stuff in the moment.”

When Madysyn looks for a friend, she looks for simply: a nice person.  “I don’t want them to be rude and gossip,” she told us.  “I [look for a friend] who is kind to others, funny, and adventurous.”

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Image: Madysyn Rose via Instagram

Biggest difference between California and Nashville?  “The weather, the people, and the fact that there’s no beach.”  Despite the chillier weather, Madysyn said she’s “always loved Tennessee” and is excited to be living in America’s Music City.

On Her Music

When Madysyn writes and sings music, her first goal is to inspire.

“I want to inspire people – make [them] smile and connect to my music,” she said, clearly enthusiastic as she talked about her singing and songwriting.  “I want to encourage people to express themselves and do what they love to do – and your job won’t even feel like a job.”

Madysyn likes to write songs about “anything – but I want it to have meaning.”  She wants her listeners to connect to the beat of the music, but also to feel the emotions in the lyrics.  “I want the songs to tell stories, and for [listeners] to understand the words.”

Though Madysyn started out in pop, her favorite songs to sing are ballads and country tunes.  Her favorite cover?  “Naked” by James Arthur.

Fans should stay tuned for more music from Madysyn – singles and albums with a country-pop sound.

The Pop Game

After watching Lifetime’s The Rap Game, Madysyn felt excited when she got the opportunity to be on its brand-new sister show The Pop Game.  The Pop Game is a singing competition series which premiered in 2017, starring five teen hopefuls vying for a record contract with Timbaland as the host.

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Image: Lifetime via Madysyn Rose Instagram

When the show reached out to her, Madysyn thought “it was super cool” and that “Timbaland was awesome.”  She decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and moved into the contestant house with her mother for over two months.

What did she learn from The Pop Game?  “Always be prepared,” she said, “especially when they wake you up and say you’re performing in five minutes.”  Laughing at the memory, Madysyn reflected on how the show taught her to “learn songs fast and learn teamwork,” and that she “worked on [herself] and who [she] wanted to be as an artist.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.37.51 AM
Madysyn Rose with The Pop Game winner Ian Grey.  Image: Instagram

Everly Mag asked Madysyn what exactly you do when you wake up and find out you have to perform in five minutes.

“First step, freak out,” she added, becoming more reflective.  “Have faith, but wing it at the same time.”

Though Madysyn said she probably wouldn’t be on a competition show like The Pop Game again, she truly enjoyed creating lasting friendships and becoming “one big family” with the other cast members, among them Ian Grey and Ashlund Jade.

“I had fun while [The Pop Game] lasted,” she said, “but I want to move on and work on my own albums.”

Talking Social Media

When it comes to pros and cons of social media, Madysyn reflected on how social media allows her to “share what she is doing with the world.”  One positive aspect of social media is “getting out there,” she said.  “You can make friends, meet people, and see when your friends are commenting positive things on each other’s posts.”

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Image: Madysyn Rose via Instagram

One negative side of social media is “getting too caught up in it,” Madysyn said, adding that she likes to put her phone away when she’s hanging out with friends IRL.  “You need a healthy balance.”

Social media is a vehicle for Madysyn to share her music and connect with fans on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  When she was on The Pop Game, she liked to “go on Twitter and talk to everyone who was watching it and see how they were responding.”

However, social media, especially Instagram, can target young girls to “compare themselves to other people.”

What would Madysyn say to young girls struggling with self-confidence?

“Accept yourself,” she said.  “Everyone is different, but everyone is beautiful.”  Even Madysyn has struggled with comparing herself to others on social media posts.  “Now, I’m happy and comfortable in my own skin, and I [want] to tell people that they are beautiful no matter what.”

When it comes to bullying, Madysyn said that “if someone is doing that to you, they’re probably not so comfortable with themselves, either.”

Inspiration and Advice

Madysyn was quick to name singer-songwriter Tori Kelly as an artist who inspires her work.

“For one, her voice is angelic, and I’ve always looked up to her,” Madysyn told us, adding that Kelly is “modest, confident, [and] beautiful.”  Madysyn added that Carrie Underwood and her parents have also inspired her to pursue her passion for singing.

For aspiring singers, Madysyn noted that “confidence definitely helps.”

“Be passionate and focused on what you’re doing, and believe in yourself,” she continued.  “Even if people don’t believe in you, you can get it done if that’s what you really want.”

What’s Next

What does Madysyn want for her future?  “I want to be a light of joy,” she said. “I want to make other people’s lives happier.”

As Madysyn continues to create catchy music, experiment with a country sound, and spread inspiration to all those around her, we know she’ll accomplish her goal.

This interview was conducted in-person in February 2018.   Find Madysyn Rose on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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