Eight Reasons Why You Should Want to be Sabre Norris’s Best Friend

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  • Meet Sabre Norris.  She is the first Australian female to land a 540 on a skateboard

    Image: Sabre Norris via sabrenorris.com
  • Sabre has been featured on MTV, Perez Hilton, Seventeen Magazine, NY Daily News, UK Daily, Huffington Post; she has also been interviewed on The Ellen Show.

Image: Sabre on the Ellen Show via The New Daily
  • She is so brave! Her brain is too big for her skull and her spinal cord is out of place.  She takes on these challenges with determination.

    Image: Sabre in hospital via Daily Mail
  • She loves her sisters and brothers.

Image: Sabre’s family via Rod Owen
  • Sabre became the 2nd youngest surfer to ever compete in a World Surf league event.

    Image: Sabre surfing via sabrenorris.com
  • She’s been all over the news in Australia.

    Image: Sabre on Australian news via Daily Mail
  • Sabre plans to compete in skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics.

    Image: Sabre skateboarding via queenslandcountrylife.com.au
  • Sabre has been chosen to be in the training squad before the Olympics.

    Image: Sabre at the 2017 Kid’s Choice Awards via Zimbio.com

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Hear from Sabre on her Instagram and website.

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Feature Image Credit: Sabre via sabrenorris.com



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