Interview: Gavin Magnus

Gavin Magnus is an eleven-year-old who does it all. He acts, sings, and directs. Look out for his puppet videos on YouTube and his new single coming out this summer!

Everly Mag caught up with Gavin earlier this week to ask him about his career, how he got started, and life outside of entertainment.

Everly Mag: What has the beginning of your career been like?

Gavin: I was nine years old when I began my career. Although, I started being compared to Justin Bieber when I was three years old; once, I was dancing on my mom’s kitchen table, singing “Baby,” and wearing gold jewelry. It is my dream to one day have my own Disney show and be a recognized singer (I am dropping my first single this summer)!

Everly Mag: What are you working on  right now?

Gavin: First inspired by Jeff Dunham, I decided to begin making my own puppets. I just started filming and writing my own skits. I love comedy, musical skits, and just out-of-this-world funny things. My passion is acting and singing. I am really excited to be releasing a new cover and my own song in June. I spend a lot of my free time in the studio with my producer. Outside of entertainment, I enjoy practicing parkour. This includes doing triple flips on my trampoline and the rings in gymnastics. It’s such a rush! I also love challenging myself with extreme sports like snowboarding and biking.

Everly Mag: You are known for having a signature hairstyle. How do you keep your hair so perfectly quaffed?

Gavin: I go to Easy Ronnie from Rockstar Hair Salon; he does amazing color and I spike it different ways depending on my mood. I love to rock hair products….I use everything! I start with gel, and then I blow dry my hair on “high” until it freezes, brush it, and then repeat.

Everly Mag: What’s your favorite movie?

Gavin: Definitely Jumanji. Kevin Hart is my favorite actor; he’s so funny and I do comedy skits so it goes well with my love of acting.


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