9 Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

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It’s that time of the year for new season change. We’ve seen designers showcasing their clothes on the catwalk, paving the way for the trends of spring 2018. So here is your handy guide for dressing those trends in the next season.

As described by Anna Wintour, this season is “rule breaking but not silly,”  so dare yourself to wear these trends a little more out there than you would normally.

9 Trends to Keep in Mind This Season

Pastel Clothes

We are so ready for this trend. Pastels are in this season – especially hues of lavender. It can be as feminine or as edgy as you want. Incorporate cute pastels into your daily outfits or bring it out for the nightwear. We’ve seen these clothes through almost all of the fashion designers to put their clothes on the catwalk. You’ll be find pastels everywhere because shops are loving these colours as much as us.

Image: Michael Kors



Get ready to channel your inner Cher, checks are in! They can look chic and formal but also look great dressed down for casual wear. We saw them in trousers, jackets, skirts and more and we can’t wait to start wearing them. We’ve seen celebrities recently out and about in checks and it’s an easy trend to copy. They are an easy way to look stylish

Image: Topshop


Denim is a person’s best friend! Jeans are the comfiest, easiest option for daily life. However designers are spicing up just plain jeans with double denim or patchwork denim. Double denim is very old school and a trend we are so happy has come back! It is great if your spring is a little chilly and layering is needed.

Image: Tibi


It’s time to show some skin, however this season it’s all about being clever about it, we aren’t going for full transparency. Designers are cleverly and stylishly adding sheer pieces into their collections. The clothing pieces look flawless and are a perfect combination of sheer and clothing. It’s great for formal events but also casual wear.

Image: Miu Miu

Slip dresses

We’ve seen slip dresses coming back for a while now, but after the run of fashion shows its official, slip dresses are in! They are great for layering and comfortable clothing. The designs we’ve seen are becoming more styled and decorated. They aren’t just feminine, we’ve seen them used to create an edgy look. You can find them everywhere, in every colour, design and look you can think of. They work for everyone.

Image: ASOS

Vintage patterns

You know your grandma’s couch design? It’s coming back. Vintage looking patterns and florals have arrived and it’s not only stylish, but classic. They give outfits a feminine look that we can’t wait to steal. These prints are so classically beautiful, it adds a twist to any person’s style. We’ve seen so many variations on the catwalk, it’s never ending!

Image: Loewe


It’s always been normal that in spring and summer, you wear shorts. Well this season brings a change – shorts revisited. It’s a perfect twist of the classic shorts. We’ve seen it up and down the runway and it’s the perfect way to spice up the normal summer outfit of shorts. We think it’s great that designers are spicing up a look, making an easy but hugely stylish new option.

Image: Saint Laurent

Trench coats

A trench coat has always been a staple piece of clothing. For spring and summer 2018, it’s been pulled out constantly on the runway. The classic coat has been taken to another level by lots of designers to add a twist to the normal. On the other hand some designers have stuck to the classic style and we love that too!

Image: Maison Margiela


We’ve seen ruffles added to all sorts of pieces down the runway. In almost every designer there has been an element of ruffles. It is undoubtable that it’s coming back. Ruffles bring a feminine, summery feel and we love it!

Image: Preen

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