Real Teens Talk: Photoshop and FaceTune

In the second in our May series, we asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us their thoughts about photo editing apps like Photoshop and FaceTune.

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“Photoshop is an art that can change the world, but for it to change the world, you have to use it correctly.  If you do use it correctly, you will have a good outlook on yourself.  If you don’t and you change everything, you will lose an important identity: you.  I also think that Photoshop is bad because people don’t need to change their body, shape, or face.  They are beautiful just the way they are!” – Kimberly*, 13, Australia

“Photoshop shouldn’t be used to change the way you look.  Even if you don’t fit in with the perfect body, you are perfect in your own way and everyone is going to love you if you are you.” – Stephanie, 16, United Kingdom

“People should not Photoshop their photos.  It can put people down because they don’t look like that, and it makes you look fake, and just horrible because it’s fake.” – Stella, 15, United Kingdom

“Photoshop can be a fun tool and a super awesome way to make photos really unique.  However, when it is used to alter a person’s appearance into a fake ‘perfect,’ it isn’t okay.  It damages that person’s self-worth and points out that person’s ‘flaws,’ when in reality they are not flaws at all.” – Rylee, 15, Canada 

“I think using apps like Photoshop is okay to a certain extent, but when it comes to using the app as a mask to cover up your insecurities, it gets a bit out of hand.  I think the apps should be used for the purpose of fun.” – Eilidh, 15, United Kingdom

“I personally don’t like Photoshop used for things like your face and body, but I do know how to use it and I love using it for my pictures and designs.  I think it’s okay to maybe get rid of your acne, but to fix your jawline and make yourself abs is a bit too extreme.  I think it leads people to believe it’s okay to change yourself to something you’re not.  Teens shouldn’t really be using these apps to fix their bodies.” – Taylor, 17, United States

“If you have a pimple or two, go ahead and blur it out.  If your picture looks a little off because there’s some lipstick on your teeth, get rid of it, but this can be taken to an extreme and become an obsession.  That’s why I don’t really like the idea of Photoshop, especially when young girls get their hands on it because most of these girls don’t understand who they are and their self-worth yet.” – Aimee, 16, Australia

“Personally, I wouldn’t use one of these apps.  However, I do use filters because I love editing and making a nice theme on Instagram.  I don’t like the idea of altering one’s body or face, as I think it takes away from a person’s true beauty.  But, if someone really wants to Photoshop their images, I say to do what makes you feel good!” – Kyra, 15, Canada

*Most ambassador names and identifying information have been changed, except by request.

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