5 Songs to Kick-Start Your Weekend

It’s finally Friday, the sun is (hopefully) shining, and it’s time to get your weekend going.  All you need is some good music and some stress-free time to spend with friends, family, or yourself!

Everly Mag is here to help, with 5 songs guaranteed to get your weekend started.

1. “Maybe” by Brooke Butler

We’re rocking out to Brooke’s incredible vocals, authentic and relatable lyrics, and the electro-pop beat in her latest original.  This song is maybe – no, definitely – guaranteed to be a summer hit.

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2. “Never Be Apart” by Mason Coutinho

Mason’s relaxed song is made even more perfect by the summertime aesthetic in his music video.  Be sure to blast this one in your headphones, in the car, and on the beach!

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3. “Perf” by Baby Ariel

Although Baby Ariel released this song in January, we’re feeling the chill-pop beat as a perfect one for a summer weekend.  Turn this one up and belt the lyrics for a pitch-perfect dance party with your best friends – or solo in front of the mirror!

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4. “Smoke In My Eyes” by Indiana Massara

You’re not wrong – you’ve seen Indi’s music featured in Everly Mag before.  But, we’re bringing this one back to remind you just how good it is.  We can’t get enough of the catchy beat, incredible vocals, and lyrics you just can’t get out of your head.  Here’s hoping that Indiana brings us even more summer music soon!

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5. “Day and Night” by Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler

Let’s throw it back to summer 2017, back when it all began.  As Johnny and Kenzie fans eagerly wait for the release of their brand-new video What If, you can support this talented duo by blasting this relaxed-vibe summer crush song.

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