Real Teens Talk: Celebrity for a Day

In the first in our May series, we asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us which teen celebrity or public figure they’d choose to be for a day.

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“I would love to be JoJo Siwa for a day.  I picked JoJo because she always has a positive attitude toward her work and her life!  I would hang out with her dog BowBow, make YouTube videos, own some merchandise, and go to iFly.  Also, meeting fans would be awesome.” – Kayla, 13, Australia

“I would want to be Eden Sher.  I would hang out with my fans, reply to fans’ texts, and be awesome.” – Natasha, 15, United States

“If I was a celebrity for a day, I would be Nia Sioux.  I have been her fan ever since I saw her on Dance Moms.  The best thing she does is Role Model Monday, where she [shows] other teens who have inspired her.” – Stephanie, 16, United Kingdom

“I wouldn’t want to be anyone, because even though I do get a bit jealous of people’s lives, I’d rather just be myself always.” – Edith, 16, Australia

“I would definitely choose Mackenzie Ziegler.  She is so sweet and kind, like, can I please have her as my BFF?  She is amazing, sweet, humble – she is the best.  I would want to go on social media and see how it feels when you have thousands of fans sending you positivity and love.” – Genesis, 15, Dubai

“If I could be a celebrity for a day, I would be Emily Skinner.  I love her style and wardrobe so much!  I also love her success and talent.  Her life seems so fun and interesting!” – Raegan, 13, United States

“I would be Maddie Ziegler, because I just want to know what it’s like to be that famous.” – Kayla, 16, Australia

“I would choose Annie LeBlanc.  She is one of my idols.  I would definitely go shopping, do meet-and-greets, and spend time with LA friends.” – Lexi, 13, United States

“I would love to be Emma from the TV show Jessie because she seems to have all the money and it would be so fun looking beautiful.” – Jaden, 15, United Kingdom 

“I like being me so I would never change who I am.  I respect and appreciate the celebrities that I like, but I don’t want their life.” – Lotus, 15, United States

“I would be Millie Bobby Brown for a day.  I think it would be amazing to experience all the acting and performing she does in one day, and it would be an eye-opener to actually experience being famous.” – Eilidh, 15, United Kingdom

“I wouldn’t really want to be anyone else.  I like my life and the friends that I have and the great opportunities I’m given every day.  You should love yourself and embrace the beautiful life you have.” – Abigail, 14, United States

Billie Eilish, because her vibes are so chill and she treats her fans like her friends, which is amazing.  I would live stream and answer my fans’ questions, I would surprise teens at the hospital, dance and sing the night away, and shop until I drop.” – Melissa, 17, Australia

“I would love to walk in Rowan Blanchard‘s shoes for a day.  Not only is she so outspoken about her beliefs on feminism and making the world a better and more equal place, but she is all for promoting self-love.  Plus, I love her style and boldness.” – Caleigh, 13, Canada

“I would be Millie Bobby Brown.   She seems to be a genuine person who has allowed herself to be herself from the beginning, gaining a lot of publicity from children to adults.  I would use her platform for one day to raise as much awareness as I could for mental health and self-love.” – Jordyn, 19, United States

“If I could be one teen celebrity for a day, I would want to be Grace VanderWaal.  Grace is so empowering and has the best messages in her music.  During my day as Grace, I would try and spread as much positivity as I possibly could.” – Paige, 15, United States

*Most ambassador names and identifying information have been changed, except by request.

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