Week 2: Zahara’s Fashion Corner

Meet Zahara Juarez, a tween fashion blogger and model taking social media by storm.

With over 120K Instagram followers, Zahara has enchanted young fashion lovers all around the world with her stunning aesthetic and singular, confident style.  Zahara is determined to be herself and inspire others, despite the pressures and competition in the world of social media influencers, and Everly Mag is so happy to support her journey of creativity and positivity.

Enjoy another Zahara’s Fashion Corner column, featuring inspiring Instagrams and reflections on the world of fashion, blogging, social media, and tween life from Zahara herself.

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“The most positive thing about social media is the followers.  All the positive comments I receive have kept me motivated and keep me going.  The other positive of social media is the networking.  Networking has allowed me to collaborate with some amazing companies.”

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Zahara with Vandy Jaidenn. Image: Zahara Juarez Instagram

“The negative thing would be the negative comments.   It’s easier for people to people to post negative comments when they are hiding behind technology to do so.  People can be a lot meaner on social media than they are in person.  I have learned not to let the negative comments bother me, and to move forward.”

“My favorite part of being a social media influencer is networking and meeting people I probably would not have met if I wasn’t part of this industry.”

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Zahara with friends Mads Lewis, Vandy Jaidenn, and Riley Lewis.  Image: Zahara Juarez Instagram

“The biggest challenge of being a social media influencer would have to be the amount of time that goes into providing quality content.  Time management is my best friend and has allowed me to overcome this challenge.”

“I believe social media can make other tweens or teens insecure.  People sometimes post content on their social media that is not their true life.  Sometimes, people will post all the luxuries, but that’s not their life all the time.  Teens and tweens just need to be aware of that, and stay true to themselves.”

“Cyberbullying must stop.  People tend to be much meaner when they can hide behind a computer or smartphone.  If people stopped being so negative and mean, social media would be a lot more positive.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 11.12.37 AM
Zahara with her mother.  Image: Aerie via Zahara Juarez Instagram

“I think that the only way to change this culture is in the home.  When you have parents that provide you with a great foundation and give you the tools to be resilient, no matter what is on social media or TV, it will not have an effect on you.  It’s important to surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you.”

Tune in to Everly Mag next week for another column in Zahara’s Fashion Corner.  Find Zahara on Instagram.  How would you describe your style?  Let us know in the comments!

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Feature Image Credit: Nicole Balsamo Photo |Pictured: Zahara Juarez | Edited: Everly Mag


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