Our Top 5 YouTube Videos This Week

Not enough time to watch tons of YouTube videos this week?  Don’t worry.

Everly Mag has you covered, with our top 5 YouTube videos of the week.  We’re loving these vids from our favorite stars!

1. Never Have I Ever featuring Kalani Hilliker | Chloe Lukasiak

We’re loving the bond between these two former Dance Moms stars, and we especially love learning more about them – from stories of staying up all night, to accidentally eating a bug, to embarrassing childhood stories, and more.  More Chloe and Kalani soon, please!

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2. Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark with Hayley LeBlanc and Txunamy | Quinn Sisters

The Quinn sisters – Kaylee, Rihanna, and Coco – take on the Great Wolf Lodge along with members of Coco’s BFF squad, Hayley LeBlanc and Txunamy.  We loved watching this vlog and seeing the adorable Mani squad hang out in the waterpark, joke around, and more!

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3. Day In The Life! Ft. Maddie Ziegler & Dylan | Summer McKeen

We’re super thankful that Summer decided to bring us along on her San Diego adventure with Dylan and Maddie.  From road trips to photoshoots, we couldn’t get enough of their incredible outfits and even better friendship!

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4. I recreated Mackenzie Ziegler’s Musical.lys! | Emma Marie’s World

Mackenzie Ziegler is known for her talent at the trendy lip-sync app, and we loved watching Emma try to recreate a few of Kenzie’s signature videos.  We’re loving her commentary, too!

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5. Dance Moms Maesi and Lilly Attempt to Break 10 Minute Photo Challenge Record | Jordan Matter

Although we loved all the YouTube videos on this list, this video featuring Maesi Caes and Lilliana Ketchman of Dance Moms definitely takes the cake.  You just have to watch these two incredible girls take on a 10-minute photo challenge record.

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