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Our Everly Mag Writing Leaders told us about their definitions of beauty and how beauty plays a role in their life. In their responses, they think critically about who gets to define beautiful, how they can make other people feel beautiful, and about times when they feel beautiful. 

This article was written by our writing leader Mikayla.  Get to know our Summer 2018 Leaders here!

Beauty is something that society and media has defined for us. This definition is constantly changing and evolving. Is this definition correct? Not entirely, no. What they are calling beautiful definitely is, but it’s not limited to this and this is what they fail to mention. There is beauty in this world everywhere we look but many people don’t acknowledge it.

I think beauty is confidence. It’s being proud of who you are and what you look like. It’s about being a kind, positive, uplifting person who wants to make other people feel beautiful too. It’s hard to say who should define beauty because everyone has their own way of thinking. Everyone should think they, themselves are beautiful. Inner beauty should always outweigh what is on the outside no matter what anyone says.

Social media has very much changed the way we perceive beauty. Media’s perception has gone from Marilyn Monroe to the “Barbie” figure. Social media and media in general makes young girls and boys believe that if they don’t look like what’s on the cover, then they are not beautiful in any way, which is anything but true. These publications fail to mention that what is on the cover has spent hours being airbrushed and photoshopped. People try to live up to these unattainable standards and feel unworthy when they can’t. It’s sad to to think this is a direct reflection of what media and society tells us.

Everyone has things that make them feel beautiful. Maybe it’s a favourite outfit or makeup.  There is nothing wrong with makeup as long as the person feels amazing with and without it. We shouldn’t use makeup or clothes to make us beautiful, only use it to accentuate what we naturally have.

I also think it has a lot to do with the people we surround ourselves with. If we surround ourselves with negative people who do nothing but tear us down then how are we supposed to feel the best about who we are? Changing the people who you spend the most time with really does change your confidence and your self thoughts drastically. This is a change I highly recommend anyone who isn’t happy make.

For me, I feel beautiful when I’m happy and being true to myself. It’s when I’m doing the things that I love and that mean the most to me. Whether I’m playing sports or I took five extra minutes that day to look more put together than normal. I feel beautiful when I’m succeeding and using my gifts. Focusing on inner beauty is so important and we can all continuously learn this.

Recently there have been so many amazing campaigns promoting self love and inner beauty. One of my favourites would definitely have to be the “Aerie Real” campaign. This campaign promotes body positivity and loving who you are.


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Inner beauty is so much more important than what’s on the outside. This is something that can never be stressed enough. Staying true to who you are is the best kind of beautiful. Be kind to one another and help others.

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