Interview: Performer Lara Wollington

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Lara Wollington is an up-and-coming actress. She is a singer, dancer, and actor! Lara has performed at many places including West End Live, Ultimate Artists, and even been in West End shows! My personal favourite performance of hers is her performance as Matilda Wormwood in “Matilda the Musical.” Her work stands out to me because she is a normal girl, just like me who has used her talents to entertain and inspire others. She is an inspiration for me because she is extremely talented and very humble. Get to know this 15-year-old triple threat here!

Image: Lara in Bring it On in the Young Spirit Performers Company via Lara Wollington

Kathryn: What got you interested in performing?

Lara: I was sent to a local drama school at the age of four as I wasn’t very confident and my mum wanted me to make some new friends… Ten years later and I can’t get enough of it.

Kathryn: Why do you enjoy performing?

Lara: I love being able to become someone else and inspire other children to start performing.

Kathryn: When did you start performing?

Lara: I started performing professionally in the West End at the age of eight.

Kathryn: Where have you trained?

Lara: I have trained at local schools such as Spirit Young Performers’ Company,Valle Academy and Cheshunt Cance School and am now currently training at NSA Academy.

Kathryn: What is the best part about performing?

Lara: The best part about performing is meeting so many wonderfully talented people on and off stage and creating amazing friendships.

Image: Lara dancing via Lara Wollington

Kathryn: What has been your favourite project you have done so far?

Lara: That’s a hard one! I have loved every single project I have been able to do however my favourite would probably have to be Adrian Mole.

Kathryn: How many shows have you been in?

Lara: I have been in five West End productions [Matilda the Musical, Gypsy, Shrek the Musical, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The BFG].

Kathryn: Who inspires you in theatre?

Lara: Lots of people have inspired me, some being Eddie Redmane, Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson and of course Indian Menzel!

Kathryn: How has being a performer influenced your life?

Lara: Performing has made life at school difficult as having to leave every week results in class work being missed so a lot of catch-up is required!

Kathryn: What advice would you give those trying to get into theatre?

Lara: My advice would be to find your dream and always work towards it, take little steps that way you are getting closer and closer everyday, and never change for anyone be you, and [then] you will succeed.

Watch some of Lara’s performances here!

“Quiet” performed by Lara Wollington

“Popular” performed by Lara Wollington

“Bring It On” Medley performed by Spirit Young Performers Company

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Feature Image Credit: Lara Wollington


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