Real Teens Talk: Photoshop and FaceTune

In the third in our May series, we asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us their thoughts about photo editing apps like Photoshop and FaceTune.

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“Honestly, Photoshop and FaceTune are just another form of art to people.  I do know people who use it and work wonders with their talent.  I think it’s okay for people to use it, there’s nothing wrong with it.  All in all, it’s what you choose to do with your body.  It’s definitely an empowering talent.  [When you] see the end product, it makes you feel good about yourself.” – Zoe*, 17, United States

“I think it’s completely up to a person if they want to use the app.  I mean it’s heartbreaking that people would want to, and it’s definitely making people believe that their body and face is really like that, when it’s not.  I definitely think there should be a warning [or] little message that a photo is Photoshopped, not to shame the person or anything.  As for teens, if that’s what they choose to do when they’re young then so be it, I guess.” – Laine, 14, United Kingdom

“I believe teens should be able to use these apps.  They are used to empower!  I use these apps for my Instagram sometimes.  For example, if I have a breakout, I will zap [acne] away at the touch of my finger.” – Abby, 15, Australia

“I think Photoshop is bittersweet.  I have friends who use FaceTune and they use it to cover acne and blemishes, but some people use Photoshop to change their whole appearance, and they are only lying to themselves and that isn’t healthy.  I think it’s alright for teens to use these apps, but [only] to a certain extent.” – Addisyn, 14, United States

“I think that apps like Photoshop and FaceTune can make people feel better about themselves, but on the other hand, I don’t think teens should be using them!  It can be really detrimental to their mental health and a lot of teens have low self-esteem, too.  Even if these apps were restricted to over 16 [or] 18, people underage would still manage to use them.  So, technically there really isn’t much we can do about it except inform our peers and friends not to compare themselves to Instagram models as most people don’t actually look the same in real life!  Don’t forget to #beEVERLYyou.” – Ayomide, 13, United Kingdom

“Apps like FaceTune and Photoshop should straight-up not exist.  They make people, especially young girls, feel that in order to reach perfection, we need to digitally fix everything wrong about us.  That’s why I love brands like American Eagle and Aerie, because they don’t photoshop their models and they have models of all sizes!” – Avery, 16, United States

“I think apps like FaceTune and Photoshop are just another form of art.  I am one of these people who edits themselves.  I will never be the person to tell someone how to live their life.  Sometimes, I don’t look the best in a photo, so I will change a few things.  I am a complete advocate for self-love, but if you want to edit yourself, you go girl!  And if not, you go girl!  I don’t think anyone should be told that they can’t make themselves feel better by using these apps.” – Jaidyn, 15, United States

“My thoughts about FaceTune and Photoshop are 50-50.  I’ve seen celebrities on Instagram that edit their photos, some more drastically than others.  For me, I think it depends on whether the person is clearly stating and has clarified that they have used FaceTune, because this allows people who see it to know that something has been altered.” – Bryn, 15, United Kingdom

“I personally use FaceTune because I’m self-conscious about pimples on my face, but I don’t feel like FaceTune and Photoshop should be used.  We all have flaws, we just don’t see them on social media.  You’re supposed to be perfect on social media, but we’re all different and there’s no one way of being perfect.  If no one used apps like FaceTune and Photoshop, I wouldn’t feel self-conscious about my pimples and we would see everyone’s real beauty.” – Carly, 16, Australia

*Most ambassador names and identifying information have been changed, except by request.

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