Interview: Influencer Contest Winner Trinity

Get to know one of Everly Mag’s aspiring influencer contest winners, Trinity!  

Trinity, 15, hails from Canada.  She’s passionate about school, her dog, and her friends and family – all the things she couldn’t live without.  Her world revolves around taking her dog out, hanging out with friends and family, and going to school.  She loves learning and discovering new things, although the early mornings can be a bummer.  Her dog Luna recently had her first birthday, and her family and friends are so supportive and amazing.


What does Trinity love about Everly Mag?*  She loves the inclusivity –  how Everly Mag asks what her opinions are, what she likes, what she would like to change, and how she gets to voice her own opinion.  She loves that the Ambassador Program allows teens to feel that they are part of something bigger, and how Everly Mag represents a place for teens of all ages to go to or participate in when they want to feel included in something.

What would Trinity do if she woke up to 1 million followers?* She’d ensure that everyone knows that she stands for positivity and creating a good atmosphere on social media, she’d talk about real topics and pressing issues in the world to bring attention to causes and problems her followers can help, and promote other brands and people who stand for what she does, like Everly Mag!

Everly Mag interviewed Trinity about social media, who inspires her, what it means to be an influencer, and more!

Everly Mag: Describe your personality in 5 words.

Trinity: I’m entertaining and always happy.

Everly Mag: When and why did you start using social media?  What social networks do you use?

Trinity: I started on Facebook, I think.   At the age of 10 probably, when my mom was out one day, I decided to get Facebook because I love playing the games it has.  To this day, I still like using Facebook for all of its games.  Probably [at] around 13, when you’re actually allowed to get it, I got Instagram and loved it immediately.  Then, that grew to me getting Tumblr, then Pinterest, then Snapchat.  I use all social media [networks] today!

Everly Mag: What’s your favorite social network or app and why?

Trinity: My favorite is probably Instagram.  I love seeing what cool things my friends, or celebrities, have done or are doing.  It’s amazing to see what people are doing on vacation without actually being there.  I also love that I get to share my life on Instagram and show everyone how amazingly cute my dog is.  My favorite feature may be the discover page, because I always find the funniest things on there and find new people who inspire me.


Everly Mag: What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about social media?

Trinity: My favorite thing is probably being able to share your best life, so all your friends and followers can almost experience it with you.  I love how you can express yourself, and [how there is] always someone who can relate to you.  My least favorite thing, as many would say, is the hate that goes on.  It’s understandable that not everyone will believe or like the same things, but it’s upsetting when people have to comment mean things just because they don’t agree.

Everly Mag: How can teens make social media a better place?

Trinity: Everyone should be more supportive of everyone.  Yes, we all live different lives and have different opinions, but we’re all people and need to be a little bit more open-minded.  Don’t say, or comment, anything if you have nothing nice to say.

Everly Mag: What are 3 goals you have for your future?

Trinity: I aspire to be a role model, successful, and make the world – or, at least, the social media world – nicer.  I want to be able to be proud of who I am and [who I] become in the future.  To me, this means being successful, not exactly rich, but happy and content with who I can help or inspire.  That leads into me being a role model and making social media [a] kinder and more welcoming place.  I want to inspire kindness and show that media doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


Everly Mag: What’s one piece of advice you have for teens who want to spread positivity on social media?

Trinity: Do exactly what you’re telling others to do and never give up.  There [are] always going to be people who disagree, but as long as you’re proud and happy with what you’re doing, you don’t have to listen to those people.  If you do come across some hate, react to it with unending positivity, and show that it won’t affect you.

Everly Mag: Share one quote that inspires you.

Trinity: “What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create.” – Buddha.  It’s open to interpretation, but this [quote] inspires me because it’s saying that you can do it.  Whatever you put your mind to, you will create with determination.

Everly Mag: Who are your top 3 role models?

Trinity: Malala Yousafzai, Marc Kielburger, and his brother, Craig.  There people inspire me to achieve my goals, and not just think I’ll achieve them but know [that] I will.  They’re all done so much in their lives to help the world, not for fame and money, but from their love for humanity and life.  I couldn’t imagine how the world might be without them, and I’m inspired to do as they have and follow what I believe in.


Everly Mag: What does it mean to you to be an influencer?

Trinity: An influencer is someone who has the power to change lives.

Everly Mag: How could you change the world as an influencer?

Trinity: If I were to become a popular influencer, I would 100% advocate for positivity and self-love.  I’d stand by all my morals and show people that it’s okay to have different opinions, you just have to be open-minded.

Everly Mag: Lastly, tell us one thing about you that might surprise our readers.

Trinity: One of my favorite things is how alike my sisters and I are.  I have two older sisters, and we’re each 4 years apart, but we talk and act as if we’re the same person.  We often catch ourselves saying or doing the exact same thing at the same time, and [we] laugh about it all the time.

Thanks, Trinity, for such an honest and inspiring interview!  Find Trinity on Twitter and Instagram.

*Questions edited by Everly Mag staff based on application answers.

This interview was conducted with one of our Aspiring Influencer Interview Contest Winners.  The interview may not be copied, replicated, or duplicated in any other publication or digital/print entity.  All winners were carefully selected through an application process and have received parent/guardian permission to participate in the interview.  For more information, send us an email or read our Privacy Policy. 

Image Credit: All images provided to Everly Mag by Trinity



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