The Biggest Pressure on Teens

Our Everly Mag Writing Leaders were asked the question, what do you think is the biggest pressure teens your age are facing today?  We wanted to know what different types of pressure different teens might face and how we can all help each other with relieving some of this pressure. 

This article was written by our writing leader Jaidyn.  Get to know our Summer 2018 Leaders here!

Teenagers have a lot of pressure put on them. We need to worry about many things, and one of those things includes getting good grades. Our parents want us to get good grades because they want us to succeed! We want to get good grades so that we can make our parents proud, and because we want to succeed. But now that we are in high school, these pressures double. We need to start focusing on our future, so making sure our grades are as best as they can be is very important.

My parents check my grades every week. I usually always have A’s, but if I get even a B, I feel like they are disappointed. I try my hardest in school, but it’s difficult to keep A’s in all of your classes, especially when you take honors. Honors classes are just more difficult classes that challenge you. You also get more work, so it can be hard to keep up with everything. Whatever your case is though, school can be tough.


There is also a lot of pressure to get into a good college. Not just from your parents, but from your peers too. I’m sure not everybody means it, but I feel like there is always competition to get into the best college. It’s good to strive for a great college, but if you can’t go directly to a university, it is okay to go to a community college.

I feel like a way to keep the pressure off of teenagers is not expecting as much from them. Of course we need to get good grades, but it’s hard to have A’s all the time. If you expect us to be perfect, we will get stressed trying to reach perfection, and then it will never happen. Another thing is to just believe in us. How can we believe in ourselves if everybody thinks we can’t do anything? Sure there are irresponsible teens, but that doesn’t mean everybody is irresponsible. We know what is best for us, so we don’t always need somebody to walk us through everything. It is always good to have somebody to help you, but we can’t learn how to do things on our own if you don’t trust us.


There is a lot of pressure when it comes to school, and just being a teenager in general. It is the time where we learn how to become an adult, and everybody expects a lot from us. We try our hardest to do good in school so that we make not only our parents proud, but also ourselves. Doing well in school can lead to many wonderful things, and there is always pressure to get those things. Just remember though, it’s okay to not be perfect. You might have a week where you’re not doing too well in school, but don’t give up. Just keep trying your hardest and don’t feel pressured to be perfect.

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