Beauty Tips for Hot Summer Days

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Summer weather often means a lot of sun, swimming, and sweat. Sometimes these things might conflict with your normal daily beauty routine, but thats okay. Here are some of the tips I have learned that help me to feel my best during the summer!

Go Makeup Free

It is healthy to let your skin breathe and go make-up free every once in a while. Hot summer days are a perfect time to do it, especially when you might have just sweat it off anyway. There are also many natural ways that you can help to restore your skin while it has no makeup on it, like getting a little bit of sun exposure or swimming in salt water.

Use Setting Spray

Setting spray is personally one of my favorite parts of my beauty routines in the summer, even on days that I don’t wear makeup. Not only do settings sprays help makeup stay on all day , but they also feel super refreshing and give your skin a moisturized dewy look! Mario Badescu and Urban Decay both have a selection of very popular facial spray products, but there are also tons of inexpensive alternatives that can be found at drug stores.

Buy Foundation with SPF

If you like wearing foundation in the summer, choose one that has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or more . This way, you don’t necessarily have to wear sunscreen under the product, but you can still keep your face protected. I also find that foundations with sunscreen in them don’t feel as heavy and greasy on your face as sunscreen itself.  BB and CC creams are lighter weight versions of foundation that often have SPF in them, and are perfect for natural coverage on summer days.

amy-humphries-115249-unsplashImage: Amy Humphries via Unsplash

Use Powder

If you choose to wear foundation, concealer or other liquid face products, it definitely helps to set your face with a matte powder. This will make sure your makeup stays on longer, and your face won’t look greasy or creased when you sweat.  Some powders also have sunscreen in them as well!

Carry Blotting Sheets

If it bothers you when your face feels greasy or sweaty when it’s hot out, blotting sheets can be super helpful. These could be found at most drug or makeup stores, and are an easy way to control any unwanted shine on your face during the day.

Use Waterproof Mascara

Personally, I am often guilty of having mascara smudging all down my face in the summer. If you are going swimming in the summer and you want to wear mascara without it smearing everywhere, waterproof makeup makes all the difference. Even if you aren’t going to swim, waterproof mascara tends to stay in place longer than normal mascara when you’re working out, or doing other activities.

Use Hair Conditioning Spray

I don’t know about you, but I have never had that naturally perfect beachy hair that everyone seems to have in the movies when they are at the shore. Realistically, whenever I get back from the beach or pool or even just being out and about on a hot day, my hair seems to be frizzy and tangled into impossible knots! I have found that keeping a detangling or conditioning spray in my beach or pool bag helps me keep my hair moisturized and tangle-free while it’s still wet.

fredo-figaredo-385766-unsplashImage: Fredo Figaredo via Unsplash

If makeup and hair-styling are things you enjoy doing, summer is the perfect time to experiment with them and try new looks! However, if you don’t like wearing makeup or styling your hair all of the time, summer is also the perfect time to embrace your natural beauty. For me, it is my favorite time to go all natural and let my freckles and blemishes show!

Can you think of any other summer beauty tips that we could have added to this list? Comment below!

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  1. Thanks for these great tips. I was not knowing that setting spray is available in the market for face as well but through your post I got to know various beauty tips and I would love to follow it for my beauty. Keep sharing such beauty tips with the girls.

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