5 Ways to Thank Your Teachers at the End of the Year

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At the end of the year, everyone seems to run out of steam. The students are tired from exams, the teachers are trying to teach without giving too much work, and the parents are trying to help with studying and prepping for summer. One thing that you can count on is the inevitable crash that everyone experiences. Once the students get tired, they start to work less, and this is less-than-ideal for the teachers’ motivation. However, they keep going, and get through it! Here are five ways to thank your teachers for teaching you all year!

Bake something

This is actually the gesture I do most. On the first day of school, I bring in some home-made cookies to each teacher, and I choose some other things to make throughout the year when teachers seem stressed. This not only shows that you are paying attention in class, but also that you care enough to notice how a teacher is feeling. Some easy things to bake could be: cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or even banana bread.

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Write a card

A card is a great way to thank teachers because a card says exactly what you are thinking. However, you do have to know what to write, which can be a challenge. Some things you could include are: favorite memory, something they taught you, your favorite topic they taught about, or something they said that you thought was funny. Make sure to say thank you somewhere in your card!

Write a poem

If you don’t want to write a card, another similar thing to do is write a poem. These poems can be silly or serious. It’s a little bit less formal, so you can have a little more fun with it. Sometimes I write “roses are red” poems because there are so many things to do with that kind of poem.

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Make a picture

Many of my friends are artists, and they love to give teachers a piece of their art at the end of the year to thank them. I am not very artsy, so I usually use a website. One of my favorite websites to use is Wordle. I think of words that remind me of the teacher and write those down (the more you put a word the larger it will be, so I like to put the teachers’ name about five times).

Go talk to them

As nice as all of these gifts are, the best way to thank a teacher is to walk over to them, and tell your teacher face-to-face that they rock. Nothing beats the smiles on teachers’ faces after hearing that. Sometimes, that’s exactly what they need! Saying “Thank you for being my teacher” directly to a teacher shows them that you really mean what you are saying, and that they had an impact on your school year.

 How do you thank your teachers at the end of the year? Comment below.

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