Interview: YouTuber Elise Buch

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Elise Buch is a Danish YouTuber from Odense, best known for her unique style across social media, and her infamous dreadlocks. Since 2014, Elise has gathered over 23 million views and 165K subscribers from her YouTube channel, and she has generated thousands of supporters across her social media platforms. Her sense of individuality, and her life motto to ‘Stop war, hug more’, makes her stand out amongst other YouTubers.

I spoke with Elise about social media, her favorite hobbies, her family and more!

Anna: What inspired you to launch your YouTube channel?

Elise: I started out on Instagram, since I’ve always loved photography. I was sharing pictures of my dreadlocks and life, and as a big surprise for me my follower count started growing a lot. Soon people were asking me to create videos and since there were lots of questions regarding my dreadies, it would be easier to answer once in a video instead of over and over again in text form, I decided to jump into it. Not just in Danish, which is my first language, but in English since most of my followers were American. That was a big challenge at first.

Anna: What do you believe makes you stand out from other YouTubers?

Elise: There is not that many Youtubers out there with my style and who has dreadlocks, at least not from what I’ve been able to find. So I think it’s a mix of my hair, style and location. People like to see what life is like here in Denmark too.

Anna: I love your dreadlocks! They really suit you. What made you want to get dreadlocks in your hair?

Elise: I wanted dreadlocks since the age of 14, but didn’t have the courage to do it until the age of 19. Then I had dreadlocks for 4.5 years until I brushed them out, and now started out a new set in February 2018.

Image via: Elise Buch

Anna: Aside from YouTube, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Elise: My biggest passion is photography. I also play badminton, spend time with Luna (my bunny) I like to be creative in any way possible, travel.

Anna: Do you have any siblings? If so, do you guys generally get on with each other?

Elise: I have a brother and sister, and we are pretty close. My sister has been in many of my youtube videos in the past.

Anna: What about pets?

Elise: I have my bun called Luna, she’s also in my videos on Youtube. A super lovely little bun.

Image via: Elise Buch

Anna: If you could live in any country in the world, where would it be and why?

Elise: I’d live in Barcelona, Spain. I just went back for the second time and there’s something magical about that city.

Anna:  In a recent Instagram post, you talked about how you used to dye your ginger hair to fit in with society. What made you change your mind?

Elise: I think most of the insecurities I felt in my teen years are gone now, I just don’t really care much for other people’s opinions anymore. If they don’t like red hair or dreadlocks, then that’s okay. If we all looked the same, this world would be a super sad and boring place. No one would be able to inspire anyone, because how would that be possible, if we were all the same?

Image via: Elise Buch

Anna: You currently have 160K subscribers on YouTubers. In your opinion, how did you grow such a large platform?

Elise: I honestly don’t know how that was possible. I honestly just think I’ve been lucky.

Anna: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to launch a YouTube channel?

Elise: Prepare yourself for the trolls and hurtful comments, only share things that you really care about, since that will shine through and have fun.

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