Want to Get Into Podcasts? Here’s Where to Start!

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Podcasts are everywhere these days. It seems like everyone and their mom is planning to host one with their friends and find fast internet fame. So what’s so great about podcasts? First of all, most of them are available for free online. There’s a podcast for everything, often multiple, so you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for. Finally, they’re perfect for multi-tasking while you’re doing something mindless or boring. Let’s say you’re late to the game getting into podcasts. Here are a few to start off with!

Still Buffering

Image: Still Buffering logo via Maximumfun.org

A show with where three sisters get together to talk about life. Staring Dr. Sydnee McElroy, Teylor Smirl, and Rileigh Smirl Began, this series is all about younger sister Rileigh talking about being a teen today while her older sisters give her advice and tell her what their teenage years were like. If cross-generational wisdom sharing is something you’re interested in, this podcast has a pretty long backlog, so you won’t run out of episodes to listen to for a while!

This is Love

Image: This Is Love logo via Spotify

A fairly new podcast, This is Love is all about “stories of sacrifice, obsession, and the ways in which we bet everything on each other.” Host Phoebe Judge interviews a wide range of people and defines love in many different interesting ways. I recommend the episode “Something Large and Wild”. This episode is the story of a teenager who, one day while swimming in the ocean, is suddenly approached by a lost baby whale. It’s a fascinating story about the relationship that forms between the girl and the whale in the couple hours they were together.

The Bright Sessions

Image: The Bright Sessions logo via Soundcloud

One really cool thing about narrative podcasts is that they often take advantage of their medium and tie the fact that they’re audio based into the podcast. The Bright Sessions does just that. This podcast is a story told as a series of tapes recorded by a therapist for people with… unusual gifts. This podcast is for you if you’re into young adult sci-fi novels.


Image: Lore logo via Wikipedia

If you like your media on the spooky side, Lore is right for you. In each episode the story of a different legend or historical event is told, set to a creepy yet somehow calming piano score. The best part is that while Lore stories are always creepy, they’re never super scary or gory. If you’re in for a little for of a scare, Lore also has a TV show available on Amazon.

TED Radio Hour

Image: TED Radio Hour logo via NPR.org

Maybe you already know about TED from their video series. If so, you’ll know that TED is an organization dedicated to providing a platform for some of the formost experts in the world to talk about their fields of study. The TED Radio Hour podcast brings together segments from TED talks into one convenient podcast packaging. Every episode contains audio from talks that center around the same subject, from animals to emotions.

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