How a Cruise to the Caribbean Changed My Life

Our Everly Mag Writing Leaders were asked to write about a place they’ve visited that changed their life in some way.  It can be a place they’ve visited on a vacation, summer camp, school trip, family reunion, or anything else.

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In October 2017, I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. I had never been out of the country before, so I was super excited when I found out we were going. I looked up each of the four stops and they all looked incredibly beautiful! I was expecting a lot from this trip, and I knew it would be one for the books. However when we got to each country, it was something different than what I had expected. Especially our first stop: Roatan, Honduras.

Don’t get me wrong, it was STUNNING in Honduras, but there is more there than what they show in the pictures. Once you get past all of the tourist spots and into the actual country, it’s different from what you might expect. There are lots of plants and animals. Almost everywhere you go you’ll see something new. However, there was also a lot of garbage and broken down buildings too. I was told that only a few of the buildings on the entire island had an A/C. It’s hot and humid there, so I can’t imagine not having an A/C. The roads are also super broken up and bumpy, but since it’s so hilly, it’s hard to repave it. You can say these are all effects of Hondurans not having a ton of money.

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The best way for them to make money is selling handmade items to the tourists. When we went down to the beach, there was a group of ladies selling anklets. They also tried to get us to let them braid our hair. Many would say that they were pushy and rude since they asked many times and tried almost anything to get you to purchase something. However, I would just say they are determined. That’s how they make their money, so they want you to buy their services so that they can survive.

This island really changed the way I view things. Sure something may seem pretty on the outside, but the inside may not always be the same way. This beautiful tourist destination seems perfect, but on the inside, it is definitely dealing with its own problems. This also taught me to not take things for granted. I have so many things that aren’t available to others, but are a norm for me. If there was a way I could help all the islanders in Roatan, I most certainly would. And I’m not saying there way of living is wrong, but from what I learned, it can be hard living there. Especially if I moved there, being used to having some of the things they don’t have access to would be a struggle for me. Over all, Roatan, Honduras was a very special, BEAUTIFUL place and I wouldn’t mind visiting again.

Image via: Writing Leader Jaidyn

While I was there we went on a tour. Our tour guide shared some funny little “facts” about the island, so I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Speed limits are suggestions: the island is so small that traffic isn’t really something you need to worry about, so you can speed down the streets if you want.
  • Brush your teeth to get rid of ingrown toenails: yes, you heard me right.
  • There are no house numbers: your mail gets delivered based on your house color (there are many different colored houses).

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