The Power of Self Improvement

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If you’ve ever felt like me, you’ve felt stuck at a point in your life. You recognise which parts of your life you need to improve but you don’t know how to. Well this is your go to guide to getting out of the cycle of life block.

Where I’d start is by doing a current me vs future me – I got this idea from Lavendaire. Write down or draw all the things you like and don’t like at the moment. Things you don’t like could possibly be your disorganised mind or being late to appointments and activities. Try to be positive and realistic. Don’t put I don’t like my nose, put achievable personal things. Recognise this will be a journey and nothing will happen instantly. This is why it’s future you.  Put what you want to do more of; thoughts and visions you want; people you want to spend more time with etc. Include a big goal of yours in your current me, think of the big thing that your current self wants.

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Next I’d suggest creating a vision board of things that inspire you or make you happy. Include things from your future me so every time you feel stuck or inspired, you have something visual to inspire you. You can have words that are focused on the things you want in life for example “positivity”, “creativity” or “kindness”.  Go crazy with your personal style.

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Now you’ve focused on what you want to improve, implement it. I’d suggest for example always keeping a to-do list. It’s honestly the best way to keep track of your life and it’s positively life changing. It doesn’t have to a fancy bullet journal one, I use the “reminders” list on my phone. It comes automatically on my phone, can set deadlines, and tick off each one. The great thing is you can see all the things you have done, so even when you feel unproductive, you can see you’ve actually achieved some things and it’s confidence boosting. You can find templates anywhere.

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You will feel the real power of self improvement after a few weeks. You won’t see it at first. Then, after a while, you will realise how your life has turned around and you’ll look back on your journey. Setting clear goals for yourself and your future will focus your mind to what you really want. It can help to do it visually or even just to think intentionally of where you need to go and how you can get there. Close your eyes and imagine the best version of yourself.

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