4 Products That Can Help You Save the Oceans

 This article was written by our summer writing intern, Kate.

On June 8, just a little while ago, we celebrated World Oceans Day. If you’ve had the chance to go to the beach yet this summer, you’ll definitely have been reminded how important it is that we keep our oceans healthy. They’re faced with numerous threats, from carbon and plastic pollution to overfishing. But it’s not too late to help save our gorgeous seas. Here are a couple products that will help you show the oceans some TLC.

These stainless steel straws

Image: Amazon

In case you haven’t heard, plastic straws are pretty terrible for the environment. They’re normally used only once before being tossed into landfills, where they will never biodegrade. They have a lifespan of about twenty minutes, an incredibly short turnaround for something that will remain on the planet forever. Straws accumulate quickly in marine environments, where they can be harmful to sea life. A couple years ago, scientists found an endangered species of sea turtle with what they thought was a worm lodged in its nostril. Upon closer inspection, they found it to be a plastic straw blocking its airway. This YouTube video shows the ten-minute cringe-inducing process of the team removing the straw. It’s pretty clear that plastic straws are not worth the havok they wreak on our environment. Good thing there are plenty of alternatives, like these stainless steel straws. They’re very affordable and intended for life-long use. To wash, you can pop them in a dishwasher or use the free cleaning brush. You won’t be adding to pollution, plus, they look pretty cool!

This beaded bracelet made from recyclable materials

Image: 4Ocean

This year’s focus for World Oceans Day was on plastic pollution, and for good reason – according to a recent science journal, 8 million metric tons of plastic wind up in our oceans every year. Thousands of fish and marine species die horrible deaths from mistakenly eating or getting caught in plastic. It’s estimated that half of all sea turtles and 60% of all seabird species worldwide have ingested plastic. In 2050, that number is expected to increase to 99 percent of seabirds with plastic in their stomachs. The beads on this bracelet are made from recycled glass bottles, and the cord is made from recycled plastic water bottles. By purchasing it, you will remove two pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. It’s certainly a cause worth supporting, and buying a beautiful bracelet is a fantastic way to do so.

This reusable water bottle

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 3.46.52 PM
Image: daniel glass

With the problem of plastic pollution steadily growing, eliminating plastic water bottles from your consumption is a great step. So much plastic is being deposited into the oceans that, by 2050, it is estimated that, by weight, there will be more plastics than fish. Switching to a reusable water bottle will help prevent this plastic invasion and save you money. As an added bonus, 10% of proceeds from sales of this attractive water bottle will go to charities to help clean and preserve our world’s oceans. The oceans will surely thank you.

This reusable shopping bag

Image: rock flower paper

Plastic shopping bags accumulate at a rapid pace on the world’s oceans, and the impact is devastating. Help lessen it a bit by buying a reusable shopping bag, like this cute blue one from rock flower paper. Twenty cents from the sale of each bag go to the Ocean Conservancy, which supports the protection of ocean life. And, once again, it’s a lot prettier and much more sustainable than those plastic grocery bags. Win-win!

It’s pretty clear at this point that helping the oceans really isn’t that hard. We profit so greatly from our shining seas, and their situation is so dire that it is truly our duty to do what we can to come to their aid. With a little awareness and some smart purchases, you do your part to give our beautiful seas the love they deserve.

Do you know of any great products that help out the oceans? Comment below!

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