Real Teens Talk: Fame and Celebrity

In the first in an ongoing series, we asked our Everly Mag Ambassadors* to tell us their thoughts about fame and celebrity.

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“Nowadays, [fame] is a lot different.  It now means having a high following or being looked up to by people of all ages.  It’s not important for me to be famous, but just to be happy and enjoy my life.  Being famous from social media is a career, and [people] also go on to do a lot more, as social media is often just a starting place.  This changing culture make me worried, and happy for our future, as it has many benefits if people use it the right way.” – Khloe, 15

“I think that fame means to have a large following of some kind.  I do not think it is important to be famous.  There are a lot of people who are famous for great charity work, or success in a sport or career, but there are also some people who are famous for the wrong reasons.  A lot of people are famous because of social media, which is cool, but I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.  It’s a really weird change and I think that it is becoming easier and easier to be famous.” – Rachel, 16

“Fame is when people are popular.  People start watching you and you get a following on social media.  When they see you in real life, they may want a photo or hug.  Personally, I don’t want to be famous because you face a lot of problems like hate comments and you have to worry about what to post.  Famous people are so diverse these days, because they’re not always happy.  They show [their] downsides, which I think is recent.  I think in the future you can be famous online and never show your face in real life.  You’d have the most fans but no one knows if you’re fake or real, because it’s all on the Internet.” – Deja, 15

“I honestly think the line between fame and no fame is very blurred these days.  To become famous, people used to work hard.  Now, all you have to do is be attractive and boom, you’re famous.

Fame used to be something that I desperately wanted.  I wanted thousands of people to be my fans, loving and supporting me in everything I do.  However, that has changed.  I have watched some of the new social media celebrities such as Loren Gray, Baby Ariel, and Dani Cohn since the beginning.  Since they have become more famous, I have seen fame change them.  I no longer strive for fame.

It may seem nowadays [that] anyone can become famous.  However, there are a few similarities that I have seen with new social media celebrities: 1) rough past, 2) some kind of wealth, 3) parents who are on the less-strict side.  Number 3 is the one that I see the most.  I don’t think being famous from social media is a career itself, but rather [it is] what you do with that fame.  Many social media celebs have come out with clothing lines, makeup videos, music, etc.  Due to their fame, [their projects] do really well.

I am very conflicted with this changing culture.  Part of me loves it because of all the amazing things that can be done with social media, but I also see [a] dark side of it.  The dark side of all this is that once you put something online, it’s there forever, even after you delete it.  One great example is the ‘rare’ accounts fans will make.  I’ve seen old videos [and] photos that were once deleted popping up on the Internet all over again.  That’s why sometimes being famous and being on social media can be difficult.  Someone will always find something.

I think, in the future, ‘fame’ will become something of the past.  There will just be people who are more well-known than others.” – Madison, 16

“I definitely believe that being famous through social media is a career, because it takes time and energy to build a brand like YouTubers, musers, and models do.  Social media is entertainment, just like TV and books, so why [shouldn’t] influencers deserve their fame as much as actors and writers do?  It’s a new phenomenon, but it isn’t bad at all.  It makes it easier for kids and teens to find role models who are closer to their age and who actually go through the same things as them.” – Stephanie, 15

“Fame means that you have done great things for others and yourself and you are being recognized for it.  It’s not important to be famous!  Doing great things isn’t about the recognition, it’s about making yourself and others feel good!  Some qualities that lead to fame are kindness, inspiration, boldness, and confidence.  These things set great examples [for] others.” – Raegan, 13

*Most ambassador names and identifying information have been changed, except by request.

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