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Our Everly Mag Writing Leaders were asked to think about their social media journey. We asked them when they started using social media, which sites they use, and how their experience with social media been. We also asked our Writing Leaders to think critically about how social media could be improved, what life would be like without social media, and what they think the future of social media will look like. 

This article was written by our writing leader Jaidyn.  Get to know our Summer 2018 Leaders here!

I first started using social media in 4th grade. I didn’t have my own device, but my sister let me log on with her phone. I started with Instagram, and it was the only platform I used for quite a while. Eventually I downloaded Twitter, Facebook (which I only use to keep in touch with my family), Pinterest, Vine (before it died) and Tumblr (which I no longer use). Instagram is still the main app I use, but I find myself on Twitter and Pinterest occasionally.

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Social Media is addicting, I think most of us can agree. I’d say I spend around 70% of my time on a combination of streaming apps (like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video) and social media. While on Instagram, I scroll through all sorts of things. Some include Marvel memes, funny videos, and beauty posts. It kind of varies depending on what shows up on my explore page, but it usually sticks to the same types of posts.

I actually have a few accounts on Instagram. The first one is my personal account–I’m on this one the most. I also have a beauty/makeup account (@makeupbyjaidynk). It’s more of a hobby than anything but I try to post as much as I can. The remaining accounts I have are an abandoned fan account for the youtuber Grav3yardgirl, a fan account for one of my best friends, and a spam account where I post random things.

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Social media has actually helped me quite a lot. When I’m going through hard times, I hop on to Instagram and look at some memes. It lightens the mood and takes your mind off of your worries. One of my favorite parts of social media is how you can interact with people from all over the world! I even met one of my best friends on there! I feel that being able to talk with people and share your experiences is a great way for the world to connect.

Social media allows people to share their lives with the world. Being safe is obviously so important, but I think sharing your creativity and ideas with others is an important part of life. Inspiring others is just as important as being inspired. The best way to do both is through social media. Although there can be some flaws with the internet, I think social media is an amazing thing in general.

We all have one, so we want to know: who was your old abandoned fan account dedicated to? Comment below!  

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