Finding Time to Better Yourself and the World Around You

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It can be daunting to wake up in the morning, check your Twitter feed, and see everything hitting the fan. The overwhelming speed that we get news today, combined with its severity, can make you feel like it’s more useful to just sit back and watch it all go down. In reality, you don’t have to know everything or be everywhere to make a difference. With what you have with you right now, you can participate in small changes that alleviate the bigger issues the world is facing. Below are some suggestions for becoming an advocate within your daily life, as you help build a better future.

Educate yourself.

There are so many accessible platforms today where you can gain a better understanding of the subjects that you wouldn’t otherwise learn. Podcasts, for example, are really popular for a reason – you can listen along as you’re doing other things, and still stay informed! They’re also a great up-to-date alternative when you can’t find the time to read.

Stay sustainable.

One of the most pressing problems we’re facing is how we’re treating our Earth. Don’t be afraid to be that person who brings reusable bags to the store, turns down the plastic bottle, and looks for products that are made with the planet in mind. Sustainability already affects our daily lives, which is why it’s important to be a representative of a positive change.

An example of reusable canvas grocery bags, via Gallant International

Talk about it.

Raise awareness to the issues that concern you by bringing it up to your friends. Don’t be afraid to hold a discussion and make the people around you form an opinion. It’s always as simple as, “Hey, did you hear about ____?”


Speak up to those in charge.

You can write your governing representatives with something as simple a text – send “RESIST” to 50409 for easy-to-follow instructions. There’s also traditional routes of finding someone’s email address or P.O. box and voicing your beliefs. With enough people like you committing to holding them accountable, your opinion can be heard.


An example of the ResistBot process to contacting your representatives, via @lgbtwice on Twitter.

If you want a long term commitment, find the resources.

It’s not always about donations either – while fundraising is no doubt helpful, there are many organizations that want people to volunteer their time. If you don’t find a group that has what you’re looking for, you can always take that first step and start your own – whether that’s in your school or in your community as a whole.

Those who look at the current state of things and can’t find a place for themselves in it all – this is your start. Finding yourself overwhelmed by current events doesn’t make you any less capable of tackling them, one step at a time. All it takes is your decision to make a change.

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