4 Inspiring YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Now

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As we all know, online hate and gossip has become a huge part of social media today, especially when it involves popular influencers. Social media is made to be a place where people can connect, feel emotions together, learn from others and be inspired, so let’s use it that way. One way to do this is to start following and supporting influencers who teach valuable lessons and can positively impact your life.  Here are 4 inspiring YouTube accounts that I would suggest you subscribe to in order to get motivated, feel raw emotions, explore the world through the lens of a camera, and most of all, to smile!

Workout: Blogilates

If you don’t feel like paying a gym membership and you really want a motivating trainer to help you come up with workouts and encourage you on the way, Cassey Ho is the perfect YouTuber to follow. On her channel, fittingly named Blogilates, she has posted hundreds of health and fitness videos over the years with a wide variety of workout for every level, type, and vibe of workout you want, from wedding workouts, to dance workouts, to pillow workouts for lazy days. She has an extremely bubbly personality that makes you feel excited and confident while you workout and she gives guiding advice and encouragement along the way! Her channel promotes body positivity and she also has a loving, positive community of followers who all want to make their bodies and minds happier and healthier.

Mental Health: Niki Demar

Niki Demartino is ½ of the popular twin duo Niki and Gabi, who have over 6 million subscribers on their channel together. Niki and Gabi had both started their own channels which became their way of vlogging their separate lives, but recently Niki started taking her channel a step further. After posting a video showing the raw truth behind her own eating disorder, Niki was inspired to start a new series on her channel that called “The Truth” where she interviews popular YouTubers about certain insecurities or struggles that they have faced in their lives. So far, she has interviewed Sierra Furtado and Jessie Page, and she has several other influencers lined up to interview. These videos are extremely raw and real in that they not only show that YouTubers, who seemingly have perfect lives go through hard times, but they also depict how these individuals were able to come out of their struggles and how they continue to work on improving themselves.

Travel: The Bucket List Family

The Gee Family is just about your average family… except for the fact that for the past 3 years straight they have been traveling the world, and vlogging the whole thing. This family is a prime example that anything is possible if you want it enough and that you don’t have to give up traveling once you have kids!  In 2015, the couple decided to sell everything, pack up and start their journey with their young children and they have been doing it ever since. If you ever want to research about amazing places to visit, get travel tips, be inspired to learn about different cultures or even if you just want to live vicariously through this adorable family as they travel the globe, definitely check out the Gee family’s channel, The Bucket List Family.

Lifestyle: MissRemiAshten

22-Year-old Remi Cruz is probably one of the most positive influencers on YouTube. Her consistent smile in every one of her bright cheery videos exudes happiness and confidence. Remi would be an extremely great role model for any young girl or boy. Her videos include healthy eating and workout videos including her fitness journey and how she was able to lose 60 lbs. in order to feel happier and healthier (talk about inspiring!). She always maintains a body positive standpoint and encourages girls to be comfortable in their own skin and to only make changes for themselves. She is also super relatable on all of her social media accounts and posts other awesome videos including DIYs, life hacks, and dance music videos. Her colorful channel will definitely inspire you to make positive changes in your life, or at the very least will make you smile!

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