Dealing With New Beginnings

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At some point in everyone’s life, they will experience the ending of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Many people will experience new beginnings soon as the school year has ended and summer is here. This could be starting a new job, camp, or preparing to go to a new school in the fall. This can be scary as new experiences often involve us stepping out of our comfort zones in order to succeed. When you are used to doing something a certain way, you often don’t have to think twice about it before you do it. This is often not the case for new beginnings. It’s not always easy, but you can do it, and I have some ways that you can make it through and thrive.

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Have an open mind

If you go into a new experience thinking it will be awful then you may miss out on opportunities that may come along with this new experience. For example, if you go into the new school year thinking that you won’t make any friends, then you may miss out on great friendships based off of your own assumptions. Try to go into new situations with a few goals such as making new friends, but understanding that it won’t happen in a day. This will keep you from being disappointed, but also will make you open to great opportunities.

Ask for Support

Going through a new experience can be scary, and it is okay to admit when you need support from friends and family. For example, if you’re going off to college or away from home for the first time it will definitely take some to adjust. It’s okay to tell people when the adjustment is hard, and you need someone to lean on. You may find that your close friends and family will be able to give you words of wisdom that will lift your spirits. Sometimes we all just need someone to vent too.

Have a positive mindset

Along with having an open mind, having a positive mindset is important for new beginnings. For example, if you’re starting a new job having a positive mindset will make all the difference. Sometimes jobs won’t be the most fun and ideal situation, but giving the job you’re all will make it so much better. Rather than complaining, thinking of the positive aspects of the job will make it more enjoyable for you and the people around you. If you have a positive mindset, your boss may even notice and acknowledge your hard work and the positivity that you radiate.

Don’t stress about things you cannot control

In a new experience, there are a lot of things you can control such as your mindset, but you cannot change the fact that you will have new experiences. Everyone will go through changes throughout their life whether that be physical, emotional, or literal. This is what makes us human. Even though you may feel like you’re going through changes alone, chances are that someone else you know has gone through it. Unfortunately, we can’t control this. Acknowledge that you can’t control this new experience and you’ll be able to cope better. Stressing about going to a new school where you won’t know anyone, won’t change the fact that you don’t know anyone. However, you can control the amount of effort you put in when trying to meet people at your new school.

New experiences are never easy, but if you take it in stride, everything will be fine! Reach out to others when you feel like you need some extra support, and just remember that you won’t be the first or last to go through your new chapter!

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