5 Amazingly Convenient Online Shopping Apps

This article was written by Everly Mag Intern Bridget.

I don’t know about you, but online shopping (even if I don’t end up buying anything in my cart) is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Recently as I have been traveling and spending more time on my phone and less on my computer, I have started to explore the world of mobile shopping apps. Here are some of the best shopping apps that I have found in my searches!

1. Dote

Dote is my personal favorite online shopping app because it has all of my favorite stores- Urban Outfitters, Aerie, Free People, Adidas- and hundreds more. Not only can you shop on the app, but it is essentially its own form of social media. You have a feed that includes your favorite stores and the individuals you are following. You can make your own “lists” of your favorites or different categories of items that you want, and can get fashion inspiration from popular influencer’s lists as well.  The app also always has amazing giveaways up everyday often in collaboration with YouTubers such as Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Meloche and Kamri Noel and so many other icons! My favorite part of the app however is that you can buy items from a ton of different stores all at once in one cart, and you only have to put in your information once! PS. you also get free shipping on your first order!

2. Shopstyle

The Shopstyle app is very similar to Dote in that it is a one stop shop for all of your favorite brands and stores. Like Dote, you can create favorites and make lists of products you like. The app creates a feed of products based on the brands you choose to make up your style. It even notifies you when stores are having sales and what promo codes to use on these sites as well! You can set sale alerts for specific items so that you know right away when they are discounted. The best part of this app in my opinion is the “Looks” tab in which you can get inspired by  images of outfits that other people put together and then you can shop their look.

3. Poshmark or Depop

These are both great shopping apps if you are looking for discontinued or sold out items or are just interested in buying used or discounted clothes or accessories.  If you want a designer item but don’t want to pay the full price, Poshmark and Depop are also great places to look because often people sell these items gently worn or even brand new at a lower price. You can even buy clothes from several influencers who have accounts on the apps. You can also sell your own clothes on here as well so that you can have money to keep shopping. These apps are a ton of fun, and almost like an online thrift store!

4. Amazon

We all know how amazing and convenient the website amazon is. So why not make it even easier to buy all of our favorite things then by using the Amazon app? On the iPhone you can use your fingerprint to sign in and purchase your favorite items in seconds.  It saves all of your payment information just as the website does, and it is extremely user friendly.

5. Etsy

Etsy is an awesome place to look for cool unique pieces. If you are looking for handmade jewelry, one of a kind fashion pieces or even some cool art and decor pieces, Etsy is a great app to check out. You can even get custom items made for you, right through the app itself. Etsy is also a great app to use if you want to start a small business selling some of your own crafty or self-designed items!

It seems that people tend to be more on their mobile phones than their computers nowadays so online shopping through apps just makes sense! In addition to the apps I have listed, individual stores such as Nordstrom, Zara, Asos and more also have user friendly apps that make shopping that much easier.

What are your favorite online shopping apps?

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