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The online production company Brat is famous for their shows featuring young actors, YouTubers, and other influencers. All of their series are posted online on their YouTube channel to watch for free. You have probably heard of some of their extremely popular shows such as “Chicken Girls” and “Total Eclipse”.  One of their newest shows that premiered on July 3rd is called “A Girl Named Jo” and features Chicken Girls’ actresses Annie LeBlanc and Jenna Davis, as well as Nickelodeon actress Addison Riecke.

From the opening scene of a Girl Named Jo, it is obvious that the series will stand out from the previous Brat shows, as well as any typical show about teenagers in school. First of all, the show takes place in the 1960s, which stands in contrast against the contemporary school dramas that Brat is so popular for, however, the show still feels very modern in its production. In its portrayal of the time period, the show is great in that it teaches young children watching the show about the struggles and the inequalities that their previous generations had to face in the 60s.

Annie’s character Jo is an inspiring female lead who stands up against the patriarchal structure of the time period through her simple masculine fashion, the confident way that she carries herself, and the protests that she makes against those who try to demean her as a female.  Jo is someone that young girls who watch the show can look up to and learn from.  The unusual friendship between Jo and Addison Riecke’s rich, preppy character Cathy is also an adorable and inspiring relationship that will be interesting to watch develop over the season.


Image: @AddisonRiecke on Twitter

The actors as well as the production truly have a more professional feel in this new show than when Brat production first began with their short Chicken Girl’s episodes. Annie Leblanc takes on a role quite opposite from her pink-obsessed popular girl character Rhyme in Chicken Girls, and she proves that her acting skills are diverse enough to take on this incredibly different character. She nails the funny facial expressions, the cool body language and the speech delivery that makes her character so believable.

Aside from being different in that it explores a time in history, “A Girl Named Jo” stands out in that it also incorporates an eery sense of mystery weaved into the storyline as Cathy and Jo set out to uncover the truth surrounding Jo’s mother’s death. This mysterious plot-line will definitely keep audience members on the edge of their seats and wanting more episodes fast!

As always, this Brat show is family-friendly and appealing to all ages. Adults who lived in the 60s can relate to the time period and remind themselves of their childhood, while children and teens can learn about the 60s while still being able to relate to their favorite actors and actresses their age! Overall, this show is so unique for a teenage show and it definitely deserves a watch! I can’t wait to see what Jo and Cathy have in store for us and to see how the mystery of Jo’s mother will unfold in the remainder of the season!

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