Annie Rose talks singing, overcoming bullying, YouTube and more!

Annie Rose is beginning a brand-new phase of her career. Between the release of her single “I Think You’re Lying” and her dynamic social media presence, the 13-year-old singer-songwriter is following her dream and “loving every part of it.”

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Get to know Annie, her music, and what’s coming next in her interview with Everly Mag!

Everly Mag: What inspired you to start singing and songwriting?

Annie Rose: I’ve been passionate about writing stories, listening to music, and journaling since I was little, but I told myself I wasn’t good enough to sing outside my own bedroom. It took two years of musical theater, voice lessons, and watching my best friend Hope Marie step out of her shell and create her own music [that] inspired me to take the leap.

Hope joined the Sarah Kelly School of Music, so I reached out to them, too. I went in with my song ideas and rough lyrics and they matched me with musicians who helped me shape them into final pieces. “I Think You’re Lying” is the first of many songs I’ll be releasing.

Everly Mag: Tell us about your newest single, “I Think You’re Lying.”

Annie Rose: “I Think You’re Lying” is a song about self-image. Often, it doesn’t matter what encouraging things people say to you [when] you still feel alone and not enough.

But, the song also brings a glimmer of hope. At the bridge, it asks the listener, “Don’t give up on me, ’cause maybe tomorrow I will hear what you say.” When we’re at our lowest, sometimes we simply just need a friend to fight with us. Most of my songs are about friendship because my friends have been such an important part of my life.

Everly Mag: What was it like recording your song?

Annie Rose: Recording was the coolest experience ever. I loved being surrounded by creative people who believed in my vision and wanted to make something worth listening to. I am not afraid to work hard and keep trying until it is right. We scrapped more than one idea! Now I love that I can sing my heart out, knowing this song is going to inspire other girls who struggle with insecurities.

Everly Mag: What has your social media experience been like?

Annie Rose: I started posting on YouTube when I was nine years old, and on Instagram shortly after. My first video was a War Head challenge filmed on an iPod [during] a playdate with my best friend. I still love to replay it to see how far I’ve come!

Creating videos quickly became my favorite hobby, but when people started responding so positively, it was surreal. When I started being recognized as a YouTuber when I was out shopping, I began to see the possibility of my hobby shaping into a career. How fortunate am I that the thing I love can be my career?

Everly Mag: When it comes to bullying, what has your experience been like? What have you learned?

Annie Rose: I have been cyberbullied almost since I started social media, but it became worse when my channel began to grow and I started collaborating with other YouTubers. Fandoms become extremely protective of the person they love, and if you look like you are competing with them, their fandom will leave you extremely hateful comments. I was 11 when I learned words I didn’t even know existed!

When it first happened, I was confused by the hate and worried that others would listen to what they were saying and start to hate me, too. I had knots in my stomach and feared posting my next video or Instagram photo because of the horrible things people would say. When one person said a mean thing, it would get copied and repeated. Another social media parent told me how he responds to cyberbullies: “Ignore, delete, block.” So, that is what I do. I was fortunate because my mom was active in my social media career, so I wasn’t alone. She would take time to delete and block the really mean comments.

Everly Mag: What’s your advice for young people experiencing cyberbullying?

Annie Rose: Turn to the real people in your life, tell them what’s going on, [and] let them affirm you. Quit reading comments or taking them to heart. Instead, focus on the cool things going on in your life and spend time with positive, real life friends and family. People who don’t really know you shouldn’t be allowed to tear your life down. [For me], as long as they don’t affect my creative work, and I have people in my real life who love me, then the cyberbullies won’t have any power.

Everly Mag: Describe yourself in 5 words.

Annie Rose: Independent, sunny, hardworking, loyal, creative.

Everly Mag: What would you tell someone who wants to try singing or YouTube?

Annie Rose: Follow your heart and work hard for what YOU want, day in and day out. When I was little, every time I tried to write songs or record myself singing, I criticized myself harshly. But, ever since I’ve followed my dream, I’ve noticed a huge change in my life. I feel 100 times more confident. Even though I may not be the best, I know I’ve put the work in and improved slowly and that this is my heart. I am singing from my heart and loving every part of it.

Everly Mag: What are your dreams for the future? What’s up next for you?

Annie Rose: I hope that one day I can go on tour and perform for you guys. Until then, expect lots more lifestyle videos and new music.

Find Annie Rose on YouTube and Instagram.

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